Robin Roberts replaced on GMA by stand-in after remarks about ‘dealing with challenges’

robin roberts face shot on abc good morning america
Robin Roberts was inexplicably missing from the recent GMA episode. Pic credit: ABC

Robin Roberts was absent from the latest episode of Good Morning America — the day after making some cryptic comments online.

Her replacement on Friday’s episode, which featured guest appearances by Snoop Dogg and John Cena, came as a surprise to fans.

Her co-anchors, Michael Strahan and George Stephanopoulos, were at the desk, with Eva Pilgrim standing in for Roberts.

The ABC News correspondent has previously filled in for Roberts on GMA during other absences.

It follows a string of cryptic comments made by Roberts on Thursday as she appeared in a video post from her dressing room with her Glam Fam, the crew who helps with her makeup, hair, and wardrobe for GMA.

Roberts’ social media post featured her morning message and prayer, something she regularly shares throughout the week.

The messages give Roberts and her followers motivational food for thought as they deal with struggles in their personal and professional lives.

Roberts made cryptic remarks in her recent video

“Good Morning! Glam Fam & I can’t wait for you to let us know what you’re most grateful for on this #thankfulthursday #happyfridayeve💃🏾,” Roberts wrote in her caption.

In her recent video, Roberts mentioned how everyone has “things we’re waiting on,” such as a “promotion to come, our health to improve, or to meet the right person.”

She explained that it can be “easy to get discouraged” if the thing one is waiting for is taking longer than hoped, but she also said that “the waiting period is simply a test.”

“There’s power in doing things consistently,” she said in the video, adding, “You may be dealing with many challenges, but you’re not complaining.”

Roberts didn’t explain whether her words had personal meaning for her, but the message appplies to many people as they anticipate that important thing they want in their lives.

Roberts appeared on Thursday’s episode, but her co-hosts didn’t specify why she was absent on Friday. It remains unclear if she’ll return on Monday, Tuesday, or later.

Roberts’ lengthy absences from GMA

Roberts and Strahan have had frequent or lengthy absences from GMA over the past several months.

But while Roberts has missed plenty of GMA episodes during her career, she has always returned to the desk.

Monsters and Critics recently reported how Roberts missed a string of GMA episodes as she took a trip to Park City, Utah, with her wife, Amber Laign, and the Glam Fam. That trip coincided with the Sundance Film Festival taking place there.

According to Stephanolopous, Roberts also missed a recent installment of the morning program because she was “on assignment.”

Meanwhile, Strahan recently missed a week of episodes after he sat alongside his 19-year-old daughter Isabella as she revealed her brain tumor diagnosis in a sit-down interview with Roberts.

Roberts calls out Ginger Zee’s ‘TMI’ reveal

Roberts is known for occasionally making funny remarks to her colleagues, and Monsters and Critics told hw she recently called out Ginger Zee’s for a ‘TMI‘ moment.

Roberts was in the studio at the time, while GMA’s popular meteorologist was stranded on a tropical island with her family because their flight had been postponed or canceled.

Ginger later returned to GMA, where her colleagues, including Roberts, welcomed her back.

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She needs to get her life together and pay close attention to her own prayers She’s a candidate for he’ll and don’t realize it.

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