Zingbot Day arrives for Big Brother 25 cast

Cirie on BB25
The Traitors winner Cirie Fields also appeared on Survivor and Big Brother. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 25 cast finally gets to meet Zingbot.

The comedian robot will arrive at the house to make jokes about the players.

Host Julie Chen Moonves announced that it would go down in Week 10.

And that means the BB25 cast will come across Zingbot on Saturday (October 7).

Reaching this point of the season is a milestone for the players.

It also comes shortly after Julie revealed that everyone left has made it to at least the BB25 jury.

Zingbot will arrive for the Veto Competition

The producers roll out Zingbot to help with a competition in the house.

This time, he will be linked to the Week 10 Veto Competition.

Zingbot will burst into the house or be announced in the backyard (much like Josh Duhamel for his Buddy Games challenge).

The robot will joke about each houseguest and film a segment for the Tuesday night episode (October 10).

After that, six houseguests will take part in a Veto Competition.

Below is a video from when Zingbot met the Big Brother 22 cast.

Spoilers from Week 10 of Big Brother 25

Bowie Jane is the Week 10 Head of Household.

Felicia Cannon and Bowie Jane finished in a tie during the latest HOH Competition.

It led to a tie-breaker question where Bowie Jane became the new HOH.

Bowie Jane nominated Felicia and Cirie Fields for eviction. She has some resentment for how The Professors’ alliance broke down.

Three more houseguests join the ladies to play in Saturday’s Veto Competition.

This is the first time during the BB25 season that Cirie has played for the Power of Veto.

Several houseguests have presented Bowie Jane with the idea of backdooring Cameron Hardin or Cory Wurtenberger. Because of that, the POV winner will have some pressure this week.

The Veto Meeting will happen on Monday (October 9), where the final nominees will be set for the week.

Someone will soon become the first BB25 jury member.

Want more from Zingbot? Below is a video from when the Big Brother 18 cast met the joking robot.

More from Big Brother

A Big Brother 25 reunion took place this week.

Jared Fields and Izzy Gleicher reunited in the real world. The duo appears on good terms following their time in the Big Brother house.

Jared’s exit also caused a shift in the voting for the most liked and disliked members of the BB25 cast.

Producers are reportedly working on an all-winners season of Big Brother. It could air on CBS this winter.

Here is the updated schedule for BB25 episodes in October.

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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Ruby Merrick
Ruby Merrick
9 months ago

Bb25has some very weak players, most have to follow each other. They can’t think on their own.