Zee Dempers teases Below Deck Med Season 7 and new crew vibe

Below Deck Mediterranean star Zee Dempers teases Season 7.
Zee spills some tea on his two seasons on Below Deck Med. Pic credit: Bravo

Mzi “Zee” Dempers has teased Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 and the new crew vibe as the yachting show hits the airwaves.

Below Deck Med Season 6 introduced fans to the fun-loving, hard-working Zee, who had a crush on stew Courtney Veale. Fans know that Zee and the rest of the crew developed an extremely close bond while filming the show. It was a rare thing to happen in the Below Deck franchise.

As Below Deck Mediterranean gears up for Season 7 and Zee’s big return, the deckhand has dished some dirt about what fans can expect. Zee also shared what makes the new crew different from his pals from Season 6.

Zee Dempers talks difference between Below Deck Med Season 6 and Season 7 crew

In an interview with E! News, Zee was candid regarding the show’s upcoming season. Zee didn’t reveal spoilers, but he did tease a few things that will no doubt peak fans’ interest.

“Generally, our season had a lot of different personalities, and in terms of that, people are always gonna clash,” Zee expressed.

Overall, Zee feels the new crop of crewmembers is a good group of people, but the tension and drama are more severe this season. The laidback deckhand finds himself clashing with one or two crew members this year. Zee shared he was at odds with his colleagues “more so this season than last season.”

There’s no shortage of drama ahead with Captain Sandy Yawn and her latest crop of yachties. The trailer made that crystal clear. Zee echoed it, spilling that Season 7 has more ups and downs than Season 6.

Another thing Below Deck Mediterranean viewers can look forward to is a repeat appearance from Zee’s stripper alter ego Maverick.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 drama is coming

Zee is the only returning crew member leaving Captain Sandy to navigate three new department heads. The captain deals with a romance between the chef and chief stew that goes from hot to not quickly.

Bosun Raygan Tyler clashes with Captain Sandy from day one, with their working ethic styles not vibing at all. In true Below Deck fashion, not all crew members will last the entire season.

Although deckhand Jason Gaskell seems the obvious choice based on the trailer, fans know things aren’t always as they appear in the first-look footage.

Drama, fights, drunken crew night outs, boatmances, demanding charter guests, and so much more is coming up on Below Deck Med Season 7. Who’s ready?

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 premiers on Monday, July 11, on Bravo, with episodes dropping a week early on Peacock.

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