Who went home on The Challenge last night? Season 37 cast members react after Spies, Lies & Allies elimination

tj lavin during the challenge season 37 episode 8
The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies host TJ Lavin introduces competitors to a new elimination event. Pic credit: MTV

Almost every episode of The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies has featured at least one competitor having to leave the show via elimination, and it’s only been rookie cast members so far.

That trend would continue in Season 37, Episode 8, as two more rookie-rookie teams were pitted against each other in the elimination.

Two more rookie cast members had to say goodbye to their castmates, despite showing promise during the season. They’ve now reacted to their partnership and their first season of MTV’s The Challenge.

Who went home on The Challenge last night?

Some viewers may have watched Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 8 with the belief that a rookie-rookie team might actually pull off the win in the daily challenge.

The only rookie team left in the game consisted of Berna Canbeldek and Hughie Maughan. During the Dive Bomb challenge, the pair worked incredibly well together, seeming to grab first place.

However, Hughie mentioned in a tweet that they made a crucial mistake in that daily mission that may have cost them the win.

In his tweet, he indicates that he and Berna had solved their puzzle correctly. Unfortunately, their rookie mistake was not yelling out, “Check!”

Therefore, because they thought that production would automatically tell them when they won, they kept rearranging the puzzle pieces.

Since they weren’t the winners, it immediately meant they were the new team everyone voted for at deliberation. Berna decided to use the time to call out her rivals in the game, including Emy Alupei and Amber Borzotra.

Everyone voted following that back and forth drama between Berna and Amber, with Berna and Hughie becoming the Compromised Agents.

At The Lair, it was up to CT and Emy to choose their opponents, so CT made the wise move to continue sending rookies in. They chose Jeremiah White and Priscilla Anyabu, who defeated Berna and Hughie in Race to Escape (video below), ending their time on the show.

Eliminated castmates react to their Challenge season

Both Berna and Hughie were tweeting during the episode but also shared tweets after they were officially eliminated. Berna shared a tweet in which she thanked the show for having her on a “world class show” like The Challenge.

“I am beyond grateful. This was the best experience. If I ever come back, you better believe I learned from my mistakes!” Berna said in her tweet.

berna the challenge thanks production after season 37
Pic credit: @bernacanbeldekk/Twitter

Berna also complimented her final teammate on the show, Hughie. She wasn’t too happy when her supposed friend Emy stole CT from her, but she did her best to make things work with Hughie. Berna and Hughie were partners just briefly during Season 37.

“Thank you [for] being this perfect partner. With a perfect a** hahaha lots of love,” Berna tweeted to her castmate.

Berna shared another tweet praising Hughie in which she said it was a “pleasure,” and she’s happy she had a chance to “spend time in the house and on the Playfield” with him.

Hughie retweeted her comment, telling her it was “the best experience” of his life, and he’d “love to do it again” with Berna Canbeldek as a castmate or teammate.

hughie maughan tweets to berna after season 37 elimination
Pic credit: @hughie_maughan/Twitter

Hughie calls himself ‘star of the show’ in all episodes

The former Big Brother star tweeted several more comments about his past season, including one thanking The Challenge for allowing him “the opportunity to grow as a man” and “become a better version” of himself.

“I way outdone mine and anyone’s expectations of me. I met so many people from different worlds and learned so much. #TheChallenge37,” Hughie said in his tweet.

hughie maughan thanks the challenge 37 season
Pic credit: @hughie_maughan/Twitter

In another tweet, Hughie said he made a serious impact on The Challenge and even referred to himself as “the star of the show.”

“You know what I am so f**king proud even if I never come back to the challenge again. I was literally the star of the show in all episodes. I overcame fears, made people laugh, I am the favourite rookie to fans and the house and I made an impact no one will forget. #TheChallenge37,” he tweeted.

hughie maughan tweets about his challenge 37 experience
Pic credit: @hughie_maughan/Twitter

It’s uncertain what the future holds for Berna Canbeldek and Hughie Maughan, but they seemed like solid additions to the cast, both from an entertainment and a competitive standpoint. Time will tell if these two rookies learn from their mistakes and succeed in a future edition of The Challenge.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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