Who was nominated on Big Brother? The BB22 Week 2 nominations are in

Memphis Celebrates HOH Win
Memphis Garrett holds the power as the BB22 HOH in Week 2. Pic credit: CBS

The live feeds have revealed who was nominated on Big brother 22 this week. Head of Household Memphis Garrett just hosted the Nomination Ceremony and announced which members of the BB22 cast are now on the block.

Earlier in the day, another Safety Competition took place. We learned that Christmas Abbott won safety and that she named Ian Terry as her plus one. This meant Christmas and Ian could not be nominated by Memphis.

There had been a lot of chatter about Memphis possibly targeting one of those two people for eviction this week, so he might have had to quickly shift gears in order to get his nominations set.

Who was nominated on Big Brother 22?

There are some interesting alliances in the house this summer, but one of the most noteworthy for this week is the one between Cody Calfiore and Memphis Garrett. That alliance keeps Cody safe and in possession of a bit of power.

Cody can stay in the ear of Memphis all week and ensure that whoever gets evicted will also help his long-term game. From that standpoint, it is also important to notice that Nicole Franzel is in alliances with both of them.

The live feeds went down for a short while on Friday evening (August 14) before coming back on to reveal the fallout from the Nomination Ceremony. As expected, it wasn’t all roses, as a lot of people were unclear about who Memphis was about to nominate.

Memphis Garrett nominated Nicole Anthony and David Alexander for eviction. They will get a chance to save themselves with the Veto necklace, but it is going to be an uphill battle for anyone who remains on the block for the next Eviction Ceremony.

More Big Brother 22 spoilers to come

Next up is the Veto Competition, where the HOH, the two nominees, and three additional houseguests will be playing for the Power of Veto. It’s pretty important this week, especially with some potential backdoor options available for Memphis and Cody.

Soon the stage will be set for someone to get evicted and follow Keesha Smith right out the front door. One interesting note, though, is that Janelle Pierzina hinted at a Battle Back Competition coming up soon.

Stay tuned, because one of the primary alliances may already be breaking down due to the way that Memphis is conducting himself since he took the power as HOH.

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