Who got voted off Survivor tonight? Episode 12 packs a punch

Ep 12 Immunity
Denise Stapley, Jeremy Collins, Ben Driebergen, Kim Spradlin, Michele Fitzgerald, Nick Wilson, Sarah Lacina, and Tony Vlachos on Survivor Season 40. Pic credit: CBS

Last week, the person who got voted off Survivor never saw it coming. In fact, she went home with an Individual Immunity Idol still in her pocket. Oops.

Sophie Clarke got completely blindsided at Tribal Council, and it was great television — except for the people cheering on Sophie this season.

Tony Vlachos decided that this would be the week where he went against his alliance and created a lot of chaos within the merged tribe. He succeeded, as someone who thought that they were safe got sent to Extinction Island.

With Sophie sent to the Edge of Extinction, only eight people remained in the game. On Wednesday night, someone new followed Sophie out of the game.

Who got voted off Survivor tonight?

A man and a woman won Individual Immunity and Fire Tokens at the challenge this week. It was a big one because it meant only six people would be at risk of getting voted off Survivor tonight.

Denise and Tony won Individual Immunity after a group of people quit due to a bribe that host Jeff Probst offered them (cookies, milk, and a lot of peanut butter). For Tony, it was the third straight time he had won safety.

Tribal Council was a mess again, with side conversations, people walking around and chatting with other castaways, and Jeff trying to reign them in like it was a group of cats who just found the catnip patch.

Kim Spradlin was blindsided and was the person who got voted off on Survivor tonight.

Somehow Jeremy Collins survived again, with a lot of help from Tony Vlachos, who even convinced him to keep his new 50/50 coin in his pocket.

More Survivor Season 40 to come

We are running out of episodes on the Survivor: Winners at War schedule. Next week is going to be a big one, with a two-hour episode on CBS to draw the interest of viewers.

The Survivor 40 season finale is also coming up quickly, with a Reunion Show that is going to be presented differently than in the past. The health situation around the country has forced the producers to try something different.

It’s almost the end of the road for the Survivor: Winners at War cast, which means that it is just about time for The Amazing Race 2020 to begin.

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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