When is The Amazing Race return date 2020 on CBS?

TAR Host
Phil Keoghan returns as the host of The Amazing Race for 2020. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

The Amazing Race return date for 2020 is nearly here. The great news was just revealed by CBS ahead of Season 32 for the hit reality competition show.

As we just learned from CBS, the Survivor Season 40 finale will be a three-hour special on Wednesday, May 13. That will also be the day that the Wednesday night schedule opens up for spring and summer.

The methodology at CBS could allow the network to keep airing reality shows in that 8/7c time slot on Wednesday nights, with The Amazing Race getting tagged in for the spring and early summer installments.

If the schedule sticks to what CBS does each year, when The Amazing Race 32 comes to a close, Big Brother 22 will then take the baton on Wednesday nights.

There are still questions about whether Big Brother 2020 will even happen this year, though. It’s hard not to also feel that a postponement or delay for the BB22 cast will be announced soon.

When is The Amazing Race return date in 2020?

According to CBS, The Amazing Race 32 season premiere is on Wednesday, May 20. It will be a two-hour premiere to get viewers interested in the new cast of racers.

Following the two-hour premiere, subsequent episodes will only be one hour long on Wednesday nights. That will be very familiar to fans who have tuned in to watch the show over the years.

More details on The Amazing Race 32

Eleven new teams will begin their journey of a lifetime when host Phil Keoghan kicks off the 32nd edition from the iconic Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

CBS also revealed that some of this season’s destinations include Trinidad and Tobago, France, Germany, Kazakhstan, and Brazil. It sounds like an exciting trip around the world for these contestants.

The great news is that the production of The Amazing Race 32 was completed before the crisis around the world started to take place.

Filming of The Amazing Race 33 is a different story, as they had to bring a halt to the race until a later date.

At least we will all get to see what happens on TAR32 and if there is a new fan-favorite team ready to emerge as a gamechanger this season.

A $1 million prize is on the line again, with each of the 11 teams hoping that they would have what it takes to win a race around the world.

Now, fans of the show can start counting down the days until the fun two-hour season premiere, and the race begins again. It may seem odd to be watching a show like this while most of the world is shut down, but it should still be very entertaining.

The Amazing Race will air Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS beginning on May 20.

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sheila whaling
sheila whaling
3 years ago

Glad it is returning, I really thought it was cancelled. I love the show!!!!!!!!!!!