Who did Secret HOH nominate for eviction?

Julie Chen Dress
Julie Chen Moonves had some new twists for the Big Brother 25 cast. Pic credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

BB Comics week has arrived on Big Brother 25

The ComicVerse has brought two twists for the BB25 cast.

An Invisible HOH has also taken power, residing in the shadows for the week.

This Secret HOH gets to remain anonymous while their plans are carried out.

The new HOH can also tell people they have the power but could ruin part of it for the television audience.

Big Brother Canada is very good at doing the Secret HOH, and it was a good idea for the US producers to bring it back.

Who is the Secret HOH, and what is their plan?

Jag Bains won the Secret HOH Competition. The houseguests competed individually, and the best time won.

Jag told Matt and revealed that Blue Kim was his eviction target.

The plan was to go after Blue, but Jag wasn’t sure if he wanted straight-up nominations or to backdoor Blue.

Later, Jag also told Bowie Jane, Cory Wurtenberger, and America Lopez about his secret. The word is out.

Talk of using Bowie Jane as a pawn this week also surfaced. She did not like that idea at all (who would?).

After saying she was targeting Cirie Fields last week, Bowie tried to convince Jag not to nominate Cirie this week.

Meanwhile, Cameron Hardin revealed who he thinks is playing the worst game during a new Big Brother exit interview.

Who did the Invisible HOH nominate for eviction?

The Week 11 Nomination Ceremony took place on Friday (October 13).

This one was a little different, as the houseguests learned who had been nominated by seeing it on the wall. Jag’s anonymity is probably the worst-kept secret in the house now.

Jag nominated Felicia Cannon and Blue Kim.

The ladies are upset about being on the block, especially since they don’t know who holds the power.

America was seen joking to Cirie about the HOH being Bowie Jane, but America already knows Jag holds the power.

The houseguests will now play a Veto Competition on Saturday (October 14), where the Power of Multiplicity will surface. Julie Chen Moonves says it will have the houseguests seeing double.

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