Who are the Traitors on Season 2 of The Traitors USA?

Alan Cumming is the host of The Traitors
Alan Cumming returned for a new season of The Traitors. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/Mario Santoro/Admedia

The three Traitors were revealed on the season premiere of The Traitors 2.

A second season of the hit reality competition show was filmed for Peacock, and the first three episodes were made available for streaming on Friday night (January 12).

This season looks slightly different, as no regular folks are on the cast. Instead, The Traitors 2 cast is made up of 21 celebrities.

For new viewers, the cast is split up into Faithfuls and Traitors. The Faifthfuls play the game straight up, but the Traitors try to steal the money from everyone else.

The game plan for the Faithfuls is to vote out the Traitors. Once they have done so, the remaining Faithfuls split the prize fund.

Meanwhile, the Traitors are conspiring to eliminate the competition and steal the money for themselves. If a Traitor survives until the end without being detected, they win the prize pool.

How do The Traitors episodes work?

Each episode features a challenge where safety can be gained for some people. A Roundtable will usually take place where someone gets voted out. But not on the first episode.

And each night, the Traitors meet and “murder” someone they deem to be a threat.

Who are the Traitors in Season 2?

Here is the cast list for The Traitors 2.

From this group, three people began the season as Traitors.

After the players had some time to chat, Alan Cumming selected the Traitors. Only two were shown initially, allowing for some mystery as the first episode played out.

A new twist was also introduced. The first two Traitors would meet to select the third Traitor.

The Traitors are:

  • Dan Gheesling: Big Brother 10 winner
  • Phaedra Parks: Married to Medicine/The Real Housewives of Atlanta   
  • Parvati Shallow: Survivor winner (chosen as the third Traitor by Dan and Phaedra)

More news and notes for The Traitors Season 2

Here is the Peacock episode schedule for The Traitors 2. The episodes drop throughout the winter months.

The first three episodes arrived on Friday night, and social media is buzzing. Many episodes are left to debut this winter, featuring many reality television stars.

Since the episodes staggered in this fashion, it could lead to much social media chatter from the players who have completed filming the season.

More reality television news

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The Traitors 2 is streaming on Peacock.

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