Who are the Big Brother Have-Nots for Week 1 of All-Stars 2?

Ian On BB22
Ian Terry is on the BB22 cast. Pic credit: George Holterhoff/CBS

The Big Brother Have-Nots have already been decided for Week 1 of the show – with the decision taken out of the hands of the Head of Household.

Rather than have the first BB22 HOH decide who would become the first group of Big Brother Have-Nots this summer, the production team decided to pull out a tragic twist.

During the live season premiere, two rounds of the first HOH Competition took place. Later, Julie Chen revealed that anyone who had made it to the second round would be either HOH, a cash winner, or a Have-Not.

Big Brother Have-Nots for Week 1

The unfortunate revelation of the Have-Nots came from closed envelopes that the five losers in round two of the HOH Competition had to draw. Christmas Abbott won $5,000 and she was safe from the punishment.

As for the four houseguests who are now residing in the Big Brother Have-Not room, they are Nicole Anthony, Ian Terry, Kevin Campbell, and Memphis Garrett.

The show didn’t get a chance to introduce the CBS audience to the Have-Not Room because the door was accidentally left locked by the production crew. It was, however, revealed later on the live feeds.

To get into the uncomfortable room with cots for beds, the four Have-Nots have to crawl through something that resembles a doggy door. They will also have to endure cold showers for the duration of their punishment. Typically, it lasts until the next HOH Competition takes place.

BB22 HaveNot
Image of BB22 Have-Not Room. Pic credit: @DukeTheBBDuck/Twitter

Being a Have-Not on All-Stars

Whenever someone is a Have-Not, they are put at a disadvantage for a short time. That is especially the case in an All-Stars season, where anxiety is high and comfort is low. Having to sleep on rough beds and endure cold showers is no picnic, especially with the drama that this season could bring.

It may not have been a coincidence that Ian and Nicole were two of the last people to finally head to bed for the night. The live feeds were pretty busy up to that point, with several potential alliances possibly getting formed as the cameras rolled.

One of those alliances appears to be between Nicole Franzel and Daniele Donato, as they could not be separated for a long time. Another possibly larger alliance might include people like Kaysar Ridha and several other BB22 houseguests.

It could end up being a very busy few days in the house as the BB22 cast really starts playing the game. The first Nomination Ceremony is coming, but the twist that Julie Chen hinted at during the season premiere may get explained to the houseguests first.

Big Brother returns August 9 at 10/9c on CBS.

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