Big Brother All-Stars 2 recap: Time to meet the returning houseguests

Host Julie Chen
Big Brother host Julie Chen is back for some more summer fun. Pic credit: CBS

This Big Brother All-Stars 2 recap comes from the season premiere. It took a while for CBS to get the show on television again, but they did it by providing viewers with 16 returning houseguests who want another shot.

The bad news is that host Julie Chen revealed that several BB22 cast members tested positive for COVID-19 and had to be replaced before the season even got started.

Luckily, production planned ahead and had replacements ready to go.

Now, it’s off to the races with eight men and eight women competing for the $500,000 prize this summer.

This article will serve as the live recap for the season premiere. Check back often after the episode gets started at 9/8c on August 5, as there will be constant updates.

Also, keep in mind that the 2020 schedule is working a little differently than normal to start out.

Here’s Julie Chen!

The new set is huge. It was a huge introduction by the announcer, letting us know that $500,000 is on the line again and that someone is going to emerge as the next BB legend.

Julie Chen Moonves took the stage (also a new one) to explain to everyone how it’s a live premiere this time (for the East Coast as least).

BBG Julie
Julie Chen is ready on BB22. Pic credit: @BBGossip/Twitter

The first four houseguests to be revealed were Nicole Franzel (she won Big Brother 18), Daniele Donato (from BB8 and BB13), Da’Vonne Rogers (from BB17 and BB18), and Christmas Abbott (from BB19).

Julie introduced the first four and revealed all the testing that was done and how they had all been quarantined to be able to enter the Big Brother bubble together. The ladies were also all wearing masks before going inside.

First Head of Household Competition revealed

Julie revealed that two of the four women would advance to compete in the first HOH that would take place later in the evening.

As soon as they got into the house, the first quartet was competing to answer a question and then complete a small game. Only Christmas advanced, though, as the other three couldn’t finish.

BB22 Comp
The first BB22 HOH Comp. Pic credit: @hamsterwatch/Twitter

The second group of houseguests revealed were Tyler Crispen (from BB20), Ian Terry (he was Big Brother 14 winner), Kevin Campbell (from BB11), and Enzo Palumbo (from BB12).

The guys were unleashed on the house, with Ian finishing first to advance. Kevin also advanced.

The second quartet of women

Janelle Pierzina (from BB6, BB7, and BB14), Bayleigh Dayton (from BB20), Nicole Anthony (from BB21), and Keesha Marie Smith (from BB10) were the next four houseguests to start the game.

Nicole finished first from her group and she was the only one to get it done from that quartet.

The final four BB22 cast members

The last four people to enter the Big Brother house were Kaysar Ridha (from BB6 and BB7), Cody Calafiore (from BB16), Memphis Garrett (from BB10), and David Alexander (from BB21).

Memphis finished first from this group. Cody also advanced.

This means that the people who advanced to the final round of the first HOH Competition were Christmas Abbott, Nicole Anthony, Ian Terry, Kevin Campbell, Memphis Garrett, and Cody Calafiore.

Julie brought all 16 people to the living room and had a quick discussion to bring viewers up to date on things and to let the houseguests get comfortable with the new situation.

The Ham Cast
A look at the BB22 cast. Pic credit: @hamsterwatch/Twitter

Final stage of HOH Competition

The six people competed in a race in the backyard across some moving stools to determine who would win the first Head of Household. Cody Calafiore was named the first HOH.

Julie spoke with Cody in the Diary Room and did a quick interview before going back to the living room.

Each of the five people who failed to win the final competition won cash or became a Have-Not based on random envelopes. Ian became a Have-Not, Christmas won $5,000, Nicole A. became a Have-Not, Kevin became a Have-Not, and Memphis became a Have-Not.

A Safety Suite twist was hinted at that will be revealed during the upcoming Sunday night episode. There are also some secret rooms, but we will have to wait to find out more details.

Big Brother returns August 5 at 9/8c on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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