Who is Kevin Campbell from Big Brother 11? Likely BB22 cast invite ready

BB11 Finale
The BB11 season finale was very intense. Pic credit: CBS

Kevin Campbell from Big Brother 11 appears to be a returning houseguest this summer. As such, some Big Brother All-Stars viewers may not know much about the new BB22 cast member.

If the latest rumors and leaked casts turn out to be correct, Kevin is about to walk into the house for a second time. Can he compete against an entirely new generation of players?

It’s been more than a decade since he was on the show, but he played hard and would certainly love a second chance to compete for that huge prize money.

It’s possible that the new generation of players may not know what to expect from him, which could serve as an advantage in playing the long game.

Kevin Campbell on Big Brother 11

There were 12 members of the BB11 cast to begin the season, but they quickly learned that Jessie Godderz from the BB10 cast was going to be joining them.

The theme of the season began as high school cliques, with the groups called Athletes, Brains, Off-Beat, and Popular. If someone from their clique won Head of Household, then they could not be nominated for eviction.

Kevin was a member of the Off-Beat clique and was teamed up with Lydia Tavera and Casey Turner. His allies didn’t end up being very important to the outcome of the game, though.

Some of the notable moments of his time on the BB11 cast included winning Head of Household once, winning Power of Veto twice, and taking home a nice $10,000 prize.

Despite getting nominated twice before the final three, Kevin was saved from the block once and won the POV another time. This means that he was never on the block during a typical Eviction Ceremony.

It wasn’t until the final three that Kevin was at risk and that was where his season came to an end. Jordan Lloyd became the final Head of Household for the season and she decided to take Natalie Martinez to the final two with her.

By a 5-2 vote, Jordan won Big Brother 11 over Natalie, with Kevin placing his vote for Natalie to win the show.

Other notable members of the BB11 cast were Jeff Schroeder (he married Jordan), Chima Simone (she was expelled for behavior on the set), and Ronnie Talbott (a quirky video game expert).

Time for Big Brother 22 on CBS

A fun preview video was released for the new season that is sure to spark a lot of interest. Host Julie Chen also shared a full BB22 house tour that shows how much has changed during the remodel.

The updated Big Brother schedule gets started on August 5 with a big two-hour move-in event. That’s when viewers will find out for sure if Kevin Campbell has been invited back. Then, it’s off to the races on a new season!

Big Brother returns August 5 at 9/8c on CBS.

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