LPBW: What was Jackson Roloff dressed up as? See Matt Roloff’s video of Caryn trying to wear out the toddler

Jackson Roloff of Little People Big World
Jackson Roloff of Little People Big World. Pic credit: TLC

The Roloff family has had plenty of family pictures and videos to share lately on social media. In Matt Roloff’s latest Instagram post, he shared a video of his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, playing with his grandson, Jackson Roloff.

In the clip, Jackson is covered up with a white blanket as he walks around the house, pretending to be a ghost. Matt, Caryn, and dad Zach play along, making Jackson think he is invisible.

Caryn is seen energetically tickling Jackson as he spins around the room, trying to navigate his way underneath the blanket. Matt is enjoying the banter, laughing as he films the moment.

Matt captioned the post, “When your job for the night is to wear out all the remaining energy in a 3 year old active boy so he’s ready for bed… but you and Cha Cha wear out before he does. @carynchandler1 @zroloff07 @toriroloff @rolofffarms

It looks like Caryn, aka Cha Cha, succeeded in at least trying to wear out Jackson, who was full of energy. Cha Cha is the name Caryn chose to be called by Matt’s grandchildren, Jackson, Ember, Lilah, and Bode.

Matt and Caryn stay busy as a couple between running businesses, traveling, and ongoing projects. Matt is known from the show for always having his hands in some type of plans. He loves to share his passion projects with followers.

Matt has been busy with his passion projects

In the last month, Matt has shared a completed cabin project for his grandkids, some chairs that he helped design and build, and a shed he’s renovating on the farm.

Roloff Farms consists of 36 acres, so there is plenty of room to live and to play. Matt’s family has been filmed growing up on the farm since Little People Big World first debuted on TLC in 2006.

Little People Big World began as an educational program

Matt and his ex-wife, Amy, initially started filming the show to raise awareness of little people and to showcase how they live their lives no differently than anyone else.

The premise of the show has shifted over the years, however, and in recent seasons viewers saw more of the complex relationships within the family. Matt and Amy were married for 27 years before they divorced in 2016.

They were often seen arguing on the show about almost everything. Only one of Matt and Amy’s children, Zach, still films with them on the show. Zach’s wife, Tori often shares cute updates of their two children, Jackson and Lilah.

Jeremy Roloff and his wife Audrey stepped away from filming in 2018. Molly, the family’s only daughter, hasn’t appeared on the show recently, but no reason has been given as to why. And the family’s youngest child, son Jacob, left the show in 2016.

Jacob dropped a bombshell last year when he alleged that an executive producer for the show, Chris Cardamone, groomed and molested him.

Fans of the long-running series are awaiting official word from the network regarding its return to the air for another season because there is always something to keep viewers entertained in the lives of the Roloffs.

Little People Big World is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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