What is the Below Deck Med schedule for the rest of Season 8?

Kyle Viljoen on Below Deck Med Season 8
Kyle has been making waves on Below Deck Med. Pic credit: Bravo

What is the Below Deck Med schedule for the rest of Season 8? That’s the question Below Deck Med fans are asking as the show remains on hiatus.

Below Deck Med Season 8 is nearing the end of its run, which will make some viewers very happy.

However, the hit-yachting show has been on hiatus for the past three weeks due to the Christmas and New Year holidays.

All that changes on Monday, January 8, when Below Deck Med returns to Bravo with new episodes at 9/8c.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Captain Sandy Yawn causes trouble between Luka Brunton and Jessika Asai when she teases the bosun about Katie Flood.

Now that we know when Below Deck Med will return, let’s look at how the rest of Season 8 will play out on Bravo.

What is the Below Deck Med schedule for the rest of Season 8?

The last time we saw the Mustique crew, the group was in the middle of their second to last charter.

Based on that news and how Below Deck Med episodes air per charter, only three episodes should be left in the season. That means the Below Deck Med Season 8 finale should air on Monday, January 22, with three episodes in the season.

If there is a reunion show, it would air on Monday, January 29, and boy, do fans need one after this crazy season.

The reunion show could and should be two parts. A two-part reunion would have the second part airing right before the premiere of Below Deck Season 11 on Monday, February 5.

There has been no word on a reunion, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. However, Below Deck reunions haven’t been a thing lately, with only Below Deck Sailing Yacht airing a reunion show in 2023.

Where did Below Deck Med Season 8 leave off?

It’s been a while since fans saw Below Deck Med, so it’s time for a little refresher. Remember, Haleigh Gorman was off the yacht sick, and Kyle Viljoen finally resurfaced from his migraine.

The repeat and obnoxious charter guests were extremely unhappy with chef Jack Luby, especially his big gay breakfast. Meanwhile, Lily Davison found her groove, much to the delight of Tumi Mhlongo.

However, the biggest cliffhanger was Max Salvador getting a lecture from Captain Sandy and refusing to apologize to her. The deckhand walked away from the captain because he was hungry and annoyed.

Those who want to know how that situation was resolved can click here for more Below Deck Med spoilers.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-7 are streaming on Peacock.

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Rotondo Regina
Rotondo Regina
6 months ago

All I know is Tumi is no leader & Kyle is an awful human.