What happens on Big Brother tonight after duo breaks up?

Indy Santos BB24
Indy Santos finished in 11th place during the Big Brother 2022 season. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 has a new episode tonight where one of the ladies is going to be evicted from the house. Taylor Hale and Nicole Layog were put on the block as replacement nominees, and the game is coming to an end for one of them.

Ahead of the eviction vote, though, one nominee is convinced she gets a Big Brother Battleback that will land her a second chance at the game. That seems unlikely since Julie Chen Moonves already revealed secrets to the first evictees.

Once either Nicole or Taylor gets evicted, the remaining lady will get to choose what group of Besties she wants to join. And there is no longer a rule that the teams are comprised of duos.

Fans should remember that when Ameerah Jones was evicted last week, Terrance Higgins was left behind with no partner. Terrance decided to team up with Joseph Abdin and Monte Taylor, turning that duo into a trio.

And on Thursday night (August 4), it looks like another duo could become a trio, with Taylor or Nicole gaining some new Besties as they try to remain in contention for that $750,000 prize.

It is also possible that the lady could join Terrance, Joseph, and Monte to form a quartet, but that seems very unlikely based on what has happened on the Big Brother live feeds over the last few days.

Some Big Brother 24 spoilers about eviction night

Spoilers based on the voting intentions of BB24 cast members on the live feeds have become very apparent. Nicole’s time in the Big Brother house is about to come to an end. She will then get to have her meeting with Julie.

That leaves Taylor behind to choose new Besties, and one plan that was discussed was for Taylor to join Alyssa Snider and Indy Santos. Since Alyssa and Indy are outside of The Leftovers alliance, Taylor joining them would gain her some safety when it comes to future votes.

Down to just 12 houseguests on BB24 cast

By the end of the night on Thursday, there will be just 12 people left competing to become the Big Brother 24 winner. And the next person to get sent home will become the final non-jury member of the BB24 cast.

Making it to jury means a nice boost in summer payments for the houseguests that remain in the game, and they are well aware of that as Week 5 gets underway. It’s also extremely important for someone not inside of The Leftovers to win HOH, or they are going to get picked off again.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, there is an official Big Brother 24 showmance now after they cemented their relationship on the live feeds.

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