What happened to Deontay on The Traitors 2?

Deontay The Traitors
The Traitors 2 cast featured boxer Deontay Wilder. Pic credit: Peacock

The Traitors 2 still hasn’t addressed the abrupt exit by Deontay Wilder.

Deontay was among the 22 celebrities invited to appear on a new Traitors season.

When Deontay left the castle, the producers re-introduced Kate Chastain from Below Deck.

Kate was on the first season of The Traitors, where she routinely accused Faithfuls of being Traitors.

Bringing back Kate to help create new drama already worked in her first two episodes, as she went after Janelle Pierzina, Dan Gheesling, and Parvati Shallow.

But back to Doentay, who had difficulties getting comfortable in the Scottish castle.

Why did Deontay Wilder leave The Traitors 2?

Early in Episode 4, host Alan Cumming explained to the viewing audience that Doentay had left the castle. Alan didn’t elaborate, possibly providing Deontay with some privacy.

The lack of information led to many Traitors fans wondering what happened to Deontay and why he was no longer competing.

“This game was definitely harder than I thought it would be,” Deontay stated after the episode aired. “I thought it was trying to figure out [who] were the Traitors, and being that you have so many more Faithfuls than the Traitors, that it would be kind of easy to try to figure it out.”

Doentay isn’t the first castle guest to find out the game was different than it appeared on television. Many people who have been Banished or Murdered on the show have been frustrated by their experience on the show.

But it was more than just frustrations for Deontay, as being around the conniving, scheming, and arguing took its toll on him due to his past life experiences.

“Being on this show, it really struck some childhood trauma from me that I didn’t expect,” Deontay elaborated.

“I didn’t see this coming in a million years because the things that I dealt with as a child, I never had an outlet to be able to release,” Deontay added.

The experience was short but painful for Deontay, and we wish him well in his future endeavors.

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Previous episodes of The Traitors 2 are available for streaming on Peacock.

The Traitors 2 airs Thursday at 6 p.m. PT / 9 p.m. ET on Peacock.

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