What did the Survivor 44 cast predict before filming?

Matt Blankinship Survivor 44
Matt Blankinship will be heard from on the Survivor Season 44 finale. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 44 cast members made some interesting predictions about how their season would play out.

The questions were asked of the 18 new castaways before they started playing the game in Fiji.

Though they are just predictions, some of them might give big hints about how each person is going to handle the reality competition show.

“I am happily married. But there are a ton of good-looking people down there,” Danny Massa told Entertainment Weekly.

“I think somebody down there, there might be a little showmance action. This cast is a good-looking crew of human beings and a couple of them might [hook] up there. That’s my bold prediction,” Danny went on to elaborate.

That’s definitely a bold prediction from Danny, especially coming so soon after he just met the rest of the castaways for the first time.

More predictions from the Survivor 44 cast

As for some other gold nuggets that the new Survivor castaways told EW, Matt Blinkinship predicted someone would use an advantage incorrectly, Maddy Pomilla predicted an all-female final three, and Helen Li felt that new twists were going to be presented that hadn’t been used before.

Regarding Maddy’s prediction, writer Dalton Ross stated that a final three of only women has happened just two times in the history of the show. The most recent time it took place was with Natalie Anderson, Jaclyn Schultz, and Missy Payne on Survivor: San Juan del Sur.

Which predictions might come true? Viewers will have to tune in for the two-hour season premiere on Wednesday, March 1 at 8/7c to see if any of them were clairvoyant.

More news from Survivor

For Survivor fans who like seeing former castaways on other shows, Season 2 of The Traitors is on the way. Peacock found a lot of success with the first season, which involved contestants from the United States, and decided to order more episodes.

Not only that but a special reunion show for The Traitors Season 1 is also coming soon. That will allow fans of the show to see behind-the-scenes interviews with Cirie Fields and Stephenie LaGrossa, as well as their reactions to everything that went down.

Elsewhere, a Survivor villain is rumored to be a cast member on House of Villains, a potential new show that includes some nefarious faces from quite a few different reality programs.

While waiting for new seasons of Survivor to arrive on CBS, fans of the show can stream past content using Paramount+. That’s a great place to go back and re-watch memorable seasons like Winners At War (S40).

Survivor 44 debuts March 1 on CBS.

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