Were Dr. Drew and Nessa wrong for pressing Briana DeJesus about sleeping with Chris? Teen Mom 2 fans weigh in

Briana DeJesus, Dr. Drew Pinsky, and Nessa Diab of Teen Mom 2
Were Dr. Drew and Nessa justified in asking Briana about sleeping with Chris? Pic credit: MTV

During the Teen Mom 2 reunion, hosts Dr. Drew and Nessa pressed Briana DeJesus about sleeping with Chris Lopez, but were their actions justified?

Whether Briana had sex with her Teen Mom 2 co-star, Chris Lopez, or not has been on viewers’ minds for months.

Briana DeJesus denies sleeping with Chris Lopez during Teen Mom 2 reunion

Season 11 of Teen Mom 2 revealed that Briana and Chris met up in Philadelphia to record an episode of his podcast PTSD, leading many viewers to believe they did more than just podcast during their encounter.

When Bri was spotted wearing Chris’ shirt after their rendezvous, Teen Mom 2 viewers were convinced they had slept together, despite Briana denying the claims for months.

Even after Briana was caught in a lie, after Chris revealed that he gave her the shirt to wear (after she claimed it was a coincidence they wore the same shirt), she still denied ever having sexual relations with her nemesis Kail Lowry’s ex and baby daddy.

During the Season 11 reunion, Dr. Drew and Nessa explained to Briana that they were just doing their jobs when they continued to press her about whether or not she slept with Chris, claiming that Teen Mom 2 viewers get on their cases when they don’t ask the burning questions fans want answers to.

When confronted about sleeping with Chris, Briana denied it once again, telling Dr. Drew and Nessa, “No. But why does that even matter? Like, why do you guys care? Like, is that your business?”

“I don’t think so,” she continued. “I don’t think it’s anybody’s business. Not Kail’s business either. Chris is not her property. So even if I did want to f**k Chris, who the f**k cares?”

Surrounding all of the talk about Briana’s sex life, Teen Mom 2 viewers are wondering whether Dr. Drew and Nessa were out of line for pressing her about sleeping with Chris. They took to an Instagram post shared by Teen Mom Fanz, which asked, “Were Nessa and Drew out of line for asking Briana if her and Chris did the dirty?”

Teen Mom 2 viewers debate: Were Dr. Drew and Nessa out of line?

One viewer felt that Briana should have to divulge her sex life on the show because that’s her job: “Nope. She’s getting paid for that and documenting her life on a tv show.”

“She doesn’t like them querying her about the most potentially messy part of recent times, she has the right to quit and get her money elsewhere,” they added.

“No,” commented one Teen Mom 2 viewer who felt Briana set herself up for all of the questioning, “She’s out of line for putting herself in that position.”

teen mom 2 viewers weigh in on dr. drew and nessa asking briana about sleeping with chris
Pic credit: @teenmomfanz/Instagram

Another Teen Mom 2 fan echoed the sentiment with their comment: “I mean it’s everyone’s business when you’re on a reality show.”

“They gave us what we wanted,” read a comment from a viewer who felt the hosts were doing their jobs.

One viewer, however, felt that Dr. Drew and Nessa were out of line: “Dr. Drew & Nessa are messy. I remember when TM first came out. Dr. Drew was into helping the girls… now all they want is the drama.” Perhaps they’re right – with viewership on the decline in recent seasons, MTV recently announced the new combined-cast spinoff, Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, premiering soon on the network.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter will combine the casts of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 and is slated to premiere in the near future.

All episodes of Teen Mom 2 are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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2 years ago

The entitlement has been greatly inflated by the whole cast. Enough is ENOUGH with the whole show. It had a great run but it’s ridiculous to continue.