Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus responds to Chris Lopez exposing her lie about wearing his t-shirt

Briana DeJesus and Chris Lopez of Teen Mom 2
Briana was caught lying about wearing Chris’ t-shirt, but she isn’t bothered. Pic credit: MTV

Briana DeJesus isn’t bothered by her Teen Mom 2 co-star Chris Lopez exposing her lie during the Season 11 reunion.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Briana was spotted wearing Chris’ graphic tee last season after the duo recorded an episode for Chris’ podcast, PTSD.

Chris Lopez exposes Briana DeJesus’ lie during Teen Mom 2 reunion

Although Briana denied any sexual relationship with Chris, Teen Mom 2 viewers were convinced they slept together after Briana was spotted wearing Chris’ shirt.

Briana told hosts, Dr. Drew and Nessa that she and Chris own the same shirt, and it was strictly a coincidence that she was wearing it in the episode. However, Chris inadvertently called out Briana during a surprise virtual visit during the reunion.

Chris told Dr. Drew and Nessa that he let Briana borrow the shirt to wear, blowing the lid off her version of events and validating what Teen Mom 2 viewers guessed all along.

After the reunion aired, Briana addressed Chris for calling her out on national TV, but she didn’t seem to mind that he didn’t cover for her.

Briana isn’t bothered by Chris exposing her lie

In an Instagram story shared by Teen Mom Shade Room, Briana told her fans, “Lmao at least it’s safe to say Chris and I can’t get our story straight ??? still love u tho @chrisxlopezz ??”

In another slide, Briana poked fun at the situation once again when she answered a fan who asked if she and Chris were an item: “No guys, we are not together. We are friends ❤ who borrow each other’s clothes ???”

In another Instagram Stories slide, Briana shared a link to a story about the ordeal and set it to the tune of Liar by Camila Cabello and wrote, “Oops ?,” clearly proving that she’s unbothered by the fact she was caught lying.

briana dejesus jokes about chris lopez calling her out on IG
Pic credit: @_brianadejesus/Instagram

Teen Mom 2 viewers still seem convinced that Briana slept with Chris, so much so that Dr. Drew and Nessa felt obliged to press her about it during the reunion. However, she didn’t change her story that they are involved in a strictly platonic relationship.

Briana told the hosts, “No,” in response to whether she slept with Chris, but felt she shouldn’t have to answer to anybody about her sexual past.

Briana said, “But why does that even matter? Like, why do you guys care? Like, is that your business? I don’t think so. I don’t think it’s anybody’s business. Not Kail’s business either. Chris is not her property. So even if I did want to f**k Chris, who the f**k cares?”

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Big liar and even bigger ho.