Victor Arroyo shares a beautiful belated Mother’s Day note about Nicole Franzel

Victor from BB18
Victor Arroyo appeared on Big Brother 18 and married Nicole Franzel. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Victor Arroyo from Big Brother 18 shared a belated Mother’s Day post about his wife, Nicole Franzel.

Noting that he had been sick for a few days, including over Mother’s Day weekend, Victor popped on Instagram to share many great photos.

Victor and Nicole met as members of the BB18 cast in the summer of 2016.

BB18 was Nicole’s second time playing the game after being part of the BB16 cast two years prior.

Inside the house, the duo got close, but Nicole was involved with someone else at the time (Corey Brooks).

After the season came to an end, the friendship between Victor and Nicole grew into something more.

In a video she shared last week, Nicole chatted with her baby about when Victor proposed.

Victor celebrates Mother’s Day with a post to Nicole

“I was pretty sick for a few days, including Mother’s Day so post this is long overdue,” Victor wrote as he shared a belated message to his wife.

“Nicole, I feel like I sound like a broken record but you are the most amazing mother and wife! I am so lucky fate brought us together almost 7 years ago,” Victor wrote as he alluded to their time in the Big Brother house.

“Look how far we’ve come. We have everything we ever wanted and more, truly blessed. Especially our beautiful angel, Arrow. Thank you for being my rock, best friend, and supporting everything I do. And Arrow thinks you’re a pretty bada$$ mom. Happy Mother’s Day!” Victor wrote to close out the post.

Along with the message of love from Victor and Baby Arrow, he shared several photographs and videos.

The attachments to the post are a collage of big moments for the couple, including their time on The Amazing Race, Nicole giving birth to Baby Arrow, and family photos taken to celebrate Christmas.

More Big Brother is on the way

A new season of Big Brother is in the works, with a commercial for BB25 now airing on CBS.

Even though advertising has increased for the upcoming season, there are many questions about when the start date will arrive.

It had previously been reported that the BB25 start date would arrive early in July. That would be a familiar way to introduce the new cast to the viewers at home.

But some recent news indicates that Big Brother could be postponed this summer.

The revelation about a possible delay for new episodes has led to many responses from Big Brother fans and alums.

In addition to the news and rumors about BB25, chatter has started about CBS ordering a new season of Celebrity Big Brother.

CBB4 could invite a group of celebrities to play the game. Three previous seasons have aired on CBS, with MMA fighter Miesha Tate winning the latest installment. Reality television personality Todrick Hall finished in second place.

For fans who want to watch Victor and Nicole playing Big Brother together, all episodes from BB18 are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Big Brother 25 airs soon on CBS.

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