Vanderpump Rules: Lala Kent reveals she initially wanted a boy, but calls daughter Ocean a ‘blessing’

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent and fiance, Randall Emmett.
Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent revealed she initially hoped her first child with Randall Emmett would be a boy. Pic credit: ©

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent revealed that when she first found out she was expecting her first child with her fiance, Randall Emmett, she initially hoped the child would be a boy.

Of course, fans will already know that Lala and Randall welcomed their first child, a daughter named Ocean, in March of this year. And the couple is madly in love with their little girl.

Both Lala and Randall regularly share updates on baby Ocean with their fans and followers on social media.

However, during a recent podcast episode, Lala and Randall revealed that Lala had initially wished for a little boy but say they’re both thankful that it didn’t turn out that way.

Lala and Randal reveal the Vanderpump Rules star wanted a boy

During their most recent episode on the couple’s Give Them Lala…with Randall podcast, Lala and Randall sat down with Sylvester Stallone’s daughters, Sophia, 24, and Sistine, 23, to discuss their own upcoming podcast.

The sisters delved into their family life by discussing the close bond they share with their father and how he had expressed how expensive raising daughters can be. However, the sisters pointed out that while they may cost some extra money, daughters will need their dads forever.

And it seems that Randall agreed with the sentiment.

“That is so true. What a great thing. Because, you know what, I told Lala when we were trying to have Ocean, which took about four weeks…literally,” he joked. “When we were trying to have a baby, she was dead set in her mind at that time, obviously now she’s in paradise. But, she was like, ‘I gotta give you a boy.’”

But Randall admitted that he knew he wasn’t going to be “a great boy dad” at this point in his life. He stated that, at the time, he told Lala that he was “too slow and too old” to have to keep up with a boy.

It wasn’t just himself that he was concerned about either. Randall also pointed out that he thought Lala would be too “OCD” to have a boy.

“If we have a boy jumping off the furniture into the wall you’re gonna go crazy,” he joked.

But Lala disagreed. She countered that it wasn’t necessarily that she wanted to give Randall a boy, but that she was also convinced at the time that she wanted a boy too.

“I didn’t really feel like I needed to give you a boy. I just wanted a boy,” she said.

Lala may have wanted a boy, but she’s lovingly obsessed with Ocean now

Although Lala admitted that she initially wanted a boy, it’s clear that she’s loving being Ocean’s mom.

In a recent Instagram post, Lala posted a pic of herself holding Ocean while facing away from the nice beach scenery behind them.

“The only view I ever want is Ocean,” she captioned the post.

And over in her Instagram Stories, Lala made it clear that Ocean is one of her biggest blessings.

“My little Ocean turned 4 months yesterday. Thank you God, for the biggest blessing I’ll ever receive,” she captioned the sweet snap.

Lala is just as busy as ever. Even as a new mom, she continues to run her podcast with Randall. The couple announced they will be taking their podcast on tour later this year, and she is currently filming Season 9 of Vanderpump Rules with the rest of the VPR cast.

The group was recently filming in Santa Barbara, but it’s clear that baby Ocean is never too far from her momma.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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