Tori Deal reveals why Double Agents rookie might not be on The Challenge again

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Tori Deal recently talked about her friendship with a rookie on Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Double Agents season has moved through eight episodes, with competitors getting eliminated and some leaving the show for other reasons.

At least one veteran competitor, Leroy Garrett, already made it known this will be his last season of The Challenge. Theresa Jones said she’s not likely to return due to needing surgery and then recovery.

There’s always a question as to which rookies might pop up again on the show. Based on recent comments from veteran Tori Deal, at least one of the rookies may be questionable when it comes to a return.

Spoilers will follow in this report, including the names of some competitors who left Double Agents through Episode 8.

Rookies got an early spotlight in Double Agents

In just the first episode, former Survivor winner Natalie Anderson made a big impact as a rookie on The Challenge: Double Agents. She went into elimination due to her partner Wes Bergmann being a major target in the house. She also became one of the first competitors to earn a Gold Skull as she defeated Ashley Mitchell in Fire Escape.

However, Natalie would have to leave the game several episodes later due to discovering she was pregnant while filming. It was a shocking moment for Natalie and viewers, but many believe she’ll be back on the show again.

Former America’s Got Talent competitor Joseph Allen was the next rookie sent home. He went into elimination against veteran Kyle Christie who bested him in a battle over a large ring. Joseph seems like he may be open to a return to prove he can do better.

The competitors had a tough physical mission atop a speeding truck in one episode, and that saw veteran Nicole Zanatta and rookie Liv Jawanda both get injured. Both ladies had to leave the show as they were medically disqualified.

Rookie Lio Rush chose to leave due to having traumatic memories from when he was younger and difficulties being away from his family during the coronavirus pandemic.

The rookies were still under the spotlight in recent episodes, including them assisting Theresa Jones with getting Ashley Mitchell back into elimination. Amber M became more vocal at deliberations for the house vote, but unfortunately, she and partner Mechie Harris couldn’t avoid going into elimination in Episode 8.

At the elimination, Mechie had to go against Josh Martinez in a returning event, Asset Destruction. This time it included the competitors having to solve a puzzle beforehand. Mechie struggled to do that part, and that allowed Josh to get way ahead and ultimately win.

Mechie was sent home after eight episodes, leaving his partner Amber M. as a Rogue Agent.

Tori gives thoughts about Mechie Harris

Each week, The Challenge: Double Agents stars Aneesa Ferreira and Tori Deal co-host an official podcast for the show. Their latest episode featured CT Tamburello as their guest.

However, before CT appeared, they broke down Double Agents Episode 8. Along the way, Tori spoke about hanging out with Mechie during her time in the house.

“Me, you, and Mechie, we used to sit on the couch and sing together. We were like a trio,” Tori said of her, Aneesa, and the rookie.

“We loved each other,” Tori revealed about her relationship with Mechie.

Aneesa said she was sure they’d see Mechie again in some capacity because “he is a character.”

“I hope so, but you know what? I asked him, and he was like, ‘You know Tori, I’m a singer. I’m a dancer. My body is like my temple. I gotta make sure that I don’t f*** it up doing a Challenge’ so that he can continue to keep doing his dance and singing career,” Tori said of Mechie’s possible return.

“I hope we see him again, but I understand if we don’t. But I do hope we see him again,” she added.

While talking about his appearance in elimination, Tori said she could identify with how it feels to struggle.

“I feel bad for Mechie. I know how much it sucks to be stuck on something while the whole world around you continues to move,” Tori said, as she also struggled in that particular elimination, ultimately losing to Aneesa.

Based on Tori’s comments, it seems Mechie Harris has his reasons to stay away from the brutal nature of The Challenge. However, time will tell if he stays away since the money and fame it can bring might be too hard to resist.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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