Tom Schwartz confirms when he learned of Tom Sandoval’s affair, says Raquel is Tom’s ‘heroin’

Tom Schwartz on WWHL.
Tom Schwartz spills all on Watch What Happens Live. Pic credit: Bravo

Tom Schwartz is no longer staying quiet about his buddy Tom Sandoval’s recent affair.

On last night’s Watch What Happens Live, following the newest episode of Vanderpump Rules, Schwartz was ready to spill all now that the cast has already filmed the reunion.

When news broke of Sandoval’s months-long affair with Raquel Leviss in early March, many fans questioned when exactly Sandoval’s best friend and business partner first learned of his infidelity.

On Wednesday, Schwartz admitted that he learned Sandoval and Leviss had a “one night stand” back in August, when the currently airing season was filming.

Schwartz also said that Sandoval blamed it on having a “mid-life crisis.” Sandoval continued to tell him that it was a “one-time thing” and that from there on out, only an emotional connection had been built between him and Leviss.

Unfortunately, the hole kept getting dug deeper and deeper.

Tom Schwartz admitted when Tom Sandoval was ‘in love’ with Raquel Leviss

While Schwartz said he didn’t realize Sandoval and Leviss had been continuing their relationship in the fall, labeling that time frame as a “gray area,” Sandoval told him in January that he was in love with Leviss.

Schwartz said he was “flabbergasted” by that news. However, he wasn’t surprised. He also said Sandoval and Leviss’ relationship was an “open secret.”

Schwartz set his position on everything straight by saying he was fed the narrative that Sandoval and his girlfriend of nine years, Ariana Madix, were unhappy together and that he had attempted to break up with her multiple times.

The Schwartz & Sandy’s owner also said that he did not tell his friend Madix about her boyfriend’s affair because Sandoval did such a great job at “placating” him, telling Schwartz that he had his own “game plan” and would “do the right thing.”

However, Sandoval continued procrastinating about the breakup, and Schwartz said he had his own issues to worry about while everything was happening.

Tom Sandoval calls Leviss his ‘heroin’

In one of the most shocking lines from Wednesday’s WWHL, Schwartz said that Leviss is Sandoval’s “heroin.”

Schwartz brought up the fact that Sandoval has ADHD, claiming it may be the reason why he became so “obsessed” with Leviss.

“He’s notorious for having one singular obsession,” Schwartz explained. “He’s addicted. It’s an infatuation of all infatuations.”

“Raquel is Tom’s heroin,” he continued.

Schwartz clarified that Sandoval is still “lost in the sauce” regarding Leviss, which can be proven by the fact that the two have continued to hang out post “Scandoval.”

While Schwartz may have oddly told viewers to “give Sandoval a hug” if they see him in public, we still thank him for finally spilling a bit of tea after staying quiet for so long.

Vanderpump Rules airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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