Todd and Julie Chrisley plan to ‘hold our head up and move forward’ as sentencing looms

Todd Chrisley on Chrisley Knows Best.
Todd Chrisley asked for prayers. Pic credit: USA Network

Todd Chrisley and his wife, Julie, are back to sharing their podcasts following their lengthy trial and subsequent convictions.

The Chrisley Knows Best stars addressed fans who have been sending the family gifts. From flower arrangements to things left on their doorstep at their Nashville home, the reality TV stars are overwhelmed with the support.

However, that’s not what the couple is looking for. Instead of physical gifts, the couple asked for prayers as they move forward in the position they are in now.

Todd Chrisley talks about moving forward

During the most recent episode of Chrisley Confessions, Todd and Julie Chrisley addressed how fans can support them.

They revealed they had received physical gifts, notes, and other things from fans. While they appreciate the support and love, the Chrisleys asked for prayers instead.

Todd said, “Really, the best gift that you can give us is prayer. Our family, we’re all doing as well as can be as expected during this and this storm that we’re going through.”

He also admitted, “We don’t want you sending us flowers. We don’t want you wasting your money on things like that. You know, the gifts and things like that, you know — we don’t need anything.”

What’s next for the Chrisleys?

Todd and Julie Chrisley will be sentenced on October 6. They each face up to 30 years behind bars for the crimes they were convicted of committing.

They are currently under house arrest in the Nashville home. There are exceptions for work, medical, and religious reasons, though. By the time the sentencing rolls around, they will have been at home for roughly five months.

Savannah Chrisley was the first to be spotted visiting her parents. Nic Kerdiles also showed up at the Chrisleys’ home. A few days later, Chase Chrisley rolled up to the Nashville home with groceries in tow.

On top of all this, Todd revealed his mom, Nanny Faye, is battling bladder cancer. She was diagnosed last fall but wanted to keep it private. Because it was revealed during the trial, they spoke out about it. Nanny Faye is going through treatments weekly and continues to remain strong.

The Chrisleys vowed to “continue to hold our head up and move forward.” It’s a waiting game now, and they have to take it day by day.

Chrisley Knows Best airs Thursdays at 9/8c on the USA Network.

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if you cant to the time dont do the crime