Tiffany Mitchell talks about her biggest regret on Big Brother 23, who she keeps in contact with on BB23 cast

Tiffany On Big Brother 23
Tiffany Mitchell finished sixth on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23 houseguest Tiffany Mitchell took the time to answer questions from a lot of fans today.

Tiffany was a part of the BB23 cast that just played the game during the Summer 2021 season of the show.

Within the house, Tiffany helped put together The Cookout alliance and helped steer it to a historical conclusion on the show.

Though Tiffany finished the season in sixth place, Big Brother fans ended up picking her as America’s Favorite Houseguest.

Tiffany Mitchell answers the questions of Big Brother fans

Tiffany took part in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit where she spent a lot of time answering questions that were posed by the fans. A number of those questions focused on regrets and mistakes that Tiffany may have made in the game.

When she was asked what she would have done differently in the game, Tiffany said, “I wish I had won the HOH when we got to 6 and nominated Xavier and Big D.”

Tiffany Speaks Of BB23 Regret
Tiffany talked about BB23 regret. Pic credit: u/AbsolutelyTiff/Reddit

She took that answer one step further when another Big Brother fan asked, “What is your biggest regret in the game?”

“Not convincing Ky to kick Xavier out at 6,” Tiffany responded.

More Tiff BB23 Regret
Tiffany spoke more about BB23 regrets. Pic credit: u/AbsolutelyTiff/Reddit

Tiffany also said that she did not regret winning the HOH Competition where it came down to her and Kyland. She stated that as soon as Azah Awasum was out, she knew that she needed to win it to try to protect Claire.

Tiffany keeps in contact with many BB23 cast members

“Who in the cast are you keeping in touch with most since coming home? What was your day like with DaVonne?” another fan asked of Tiffany.

“The entire cast actually keeps in touch. My day with Da’Vonne was like a dream. I truly love her as a person, an alum, and a sister. ❤️,” Tiffany responded.

Tiffany Close BB23 Cast
Tiffany answers BB23 questions. Pic credit: u/AbsolutelyTiff/Reddit

What they were referring to in the second question was that Da’Vonne Rogers went to California to visit with members of The Cookout who were hanging out together after the season came to an end.

Tiffany and Claire relationship still going strong

Another Big Brother fan posted a two-part question as they asked, “If you got to play this season again who would you have aligned with and who would you wanna go to f2 with? Also, who are you closest with from the cast now that you have left the house?”

Tiffany responded by saying, “If I replayed this season again, I would have a F6 of Me, Claire, Chaddha, DX, Ky, and SB. I am probably the closest with Chaddha, DX, Claire and Ky.”

Tiff And Claire BB23
Tiffany spoke about BB23 post-season interactions. Pic credit: u/AbsolutelyTiff/Reddit

Tiffany also noted that she would like to play Big Brother again with Claire and that it would be a fun experience to try to play the game without the main goal to get The Cookout to the end.

Some more Big Brother 23 news

For any Big Brother fans who don’t know it yet, Claire Rehfuss and Derek Xiao from the BB23 cast are dating. They started up a showmance in the jury house and kept it a well-guarded secret until they got out into the real world.

Recently, a video was even shared of Claire and Derek X kissing in public, showing that the relationship is definitely going strong.

Celebrity Big Brother airs on CBS during Winter 2022.

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