Tiffany gives Claire and Derek X great advice on Big Brother live feeds about how to deal with Frenchie

Tiffany In Hat BB23
Tiffany Mitchell is a strong player on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother live feeds revealed an intense conversation taking place that involved Tiffany Mitchell giving Claire Rehfuss and Derek Xiao advice on how to deal with people like Frenchie during the game and in life.

It was clear from the conversation that Tiffany really understands how to play Big Brother and she might just be a houseguest to watch closely as the season progresses. We would not be surprised at all if Tiffany ended up getting crowned as the Big Brother 23 winner.

“All Frenchie is is a fisherman casting out his rod looking for bait,” Tiffany said to Claire and Derek.

“And if you got your mouth open you will get caught,” Tiffany elaborated.

Tiffany has advice for BB23 cast members

Below is a clip of Tiffany speaking with Claire and Derek on the feeds and any fan of her is going to be pleased that they took the time to watch it.

Tiffany is, of course, reacting to the first week of Big Brother 23, where Frenchie was running around the house trying to control every aspect of the game. That even continued after he was out of power and when Kyland Young became the Head of Household.

Frenchie really overplayed the hand that he had and burned too many bridges due to overconfidence and paranoia. He was in a good position to control the game for a while, but he was all over the place, creating chaos instead of alliances that were built to last.

As for Tiffany, she is playing a more personal game, securing lasting friendships in the house and doing exactly what might be needed to make it deep in the game this summer.

Tiffany is safe for Week 2 as a member of Team Queens, which is why it is a good idea for her to continue building relationships like she is doing with people from other teams. Derek X is from Team Aces and bonding with him could be a great move for when the teams are split up.

Some Big Brother 23 spoilers from Week 2

Kyland Young was tasked with nominating two people for eviction in Week 2 and he went with Frenchie and Britini D’Angelo. He made that choice because he was still frustrated that Frenchie had promised him safety and then still put him on the block in Week 1. Britini wound up on the block as a pawn.

We already know the results of the Week 2 Veto Competition as well. Derek Xiao won the Power of Veto for a second time and holds that power heading toward the Veto Ceremony on July 19.

As for the second Wildcard Competition of the summer, Sarah Beth Steagall won it, but she turned down the safety so that she could remain on Team Kings. She really just wanted to make sure that Frenchie didn’t get safety in Week 2.

After Derek X won the Power of Veto, Frenchie started to lose it even more. He told Derek Frazier that he is going to self-evict from the game. Frenchie hasn’t quit just yet, but it was a bad look for him on the live feeds.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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