The Traitors 2: Real Housewives angry about becoming targets, Phaedra shades Parvati in a big way

Phaedra on The Traitors 2
Phaedra Parks just put the castle on notice on The Traitors 2. Pic credit: Peacock

A new season of The Traitors features four people from The Real Housewives franchise.

Bravo is well represented in The Traitors 2, and the ladies have the makings of a strong alliance.

A new episode debuted Thursday night, revealing three more people have been eliminated from the game.

Seven people have already been removed from the castle, leaving only 14 guests competing for a $250,000 prize.

There are twists ahead that could change that number, as host Alan Cumming has teased new guests arriving at his castle.

A teaser from Peacock has also revealed that Kate Chastain from Below Deck will become a player soon. She appeared in the first season and may be back to help create some drama.

The Real Housewives ladies are upset

Larsa Pippen (The Real Housewives of Miami), Phaedra Parks (The Real Housewives of Atlanta/Married to Medicine), Sheree Whitfield (The Real Housewives of Atlanta), and Tamra Judge (The Real Housewives of Orange County) are on The Traitors US second season cast.

Phaedra was chosen as one of the Traitors this season. Her cohorts are Dan Gheesling from Big Brother and Parvati Shallow from Survivor.

But Dan and Parvati began conspiring against Phaedra, with Parvati claiming that The Real Housewives are threats because they know how to act.

Phaedra took offense to that for several reasons, beginning with her knowledge that Parvati is also a Traitor. But she didn’t like her name being tossed out like that.

Larsa was singled out by Janelle Pierzina (Big Brother), and several others saw it as a way to get the heat off of themselves.

When Larsa was eliminated Thursday night, it enraged Tamra, Sheree, and Phaedra.

At the meeting between the traitors that evening, Phaedra called out Parvati and told her that nobody in the castle liked her. She also added that many people suspect Parvati of being a traitor.

Below is a clip where Phaedra puts Parvati on notice.

The Real Housewives against the rest of the castle?

One fan noted on social media that angering and underestimating Phaedra was a mistake.

“Phaedra is in a different league compared to her competitors. The way Dan and Parvati underestimated her wit and intelligence, she’s about to unleash her true form and Armageddon,” wrote the viewer.

Another fan stated that they have awoken Phaedra and have no idea what they’ve done.

“The funny thing is, the gamers inevitably woke up Phaedra. The Traitors players don’t really know Phaedra, so they have no idea what they’ve just done. That woman is about to cause hell in the castle. Her putting Parvati on notice was just the start,” wrote the fan.

Previous episodes of The Traitors are available for streaming on Peacock.

Here is a breakdown of the episode schedule for the second season of The Traitors USA.

The Traitors 2 is streaming on Peacock.

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