The Challenge’s Wes and Kam debate over best voting strategy in Double Agents Episode 11

kam williams on the challenge double agents season
Kam Williams explained to Double Agents castmate Wes Bergmann why their voting strategy was necessary in Episode 11. Pic credit: MTV

For one group of players competing on The Challenge: Double Agents, preventing a certain competitor from gaining a Gold Skull was one of their main priorities in the game. That’s because host TJ Lavin revealed competitors needed a Gold Skull to compete in the final.

In Episode 11, the competitor that people were trying to block from getting a Gold Skull finally gained control of their own fate and had the power to go into elimination to get a Gold Skull.

In a recent exchange of tweets, Double Agents competitors Wes Bergmann and Kam Williams debated the best voting strategy for that particular situation.

What happened with voting in Double Agents Episode 11?

Chris “CT” Tamburello entered The Challenge: Double Agents as one of the top competitors. Over a month ago, the power couple of Kam Williams and Leroy Garrett indicated that one of their top strategies on Double Agents was trying to block CT from going into elimination to get his Gold Skull. Basically, they didn’t want him in the final, as he’s a three-time Challenge winner.

That meant he wasn’t going to be voted into elimination by their secret votes. Also, Kam, Leroy, and their teammates weren’t going to vote in CT for elimination if they were Double Agents power team. The same went for most of the Big Brother allies they were working with.

However, in Double Agents Episode 11, a strong swimming performance from CT’s teammate, Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, helped them win the daily mission. That made CT and Big T the Double Agents power team. With that, CT made it clear he was going into elimination to get his Gold Skull.

He asked other people to give him “The Goof” in elimination, referring to Josh Martinez. CT wanted to face Josh in elimination and take his Skull. It would also help break up a powerful alliance if CT won.

However, Josh had strong numbers as he was part of that Big Brother alliance. He convinced his friends and allies it was better to vote for Gabby Allen and Devin Walker. Devin was working with CT during the game. So it would help Josh and the rest of his allies to eliminate CT or Devin.

Once all of the secret votes were cast, it ended up that the majority went against Devin and Gabby, so they became the Compromised Agents who went into the elimination.

Wes suggests voting options to block CT from Gold Skull

Despite being eliminated from Double Agents early, it seems that Wes Bergmann is still watching the episodes back to see what’s happening this season. Following Episode 11, he took to Twitter to present his idea for how people in the house could have voted differently to block CT’s attempt to get a Gold Skull.

“If the house had voted in Darrell/Nam, it would have blocked CT from getting a skull. If he volunteered to go down against someone without a skull, and won, there’d be nothing to win,” Wes proposed in his tweet with a mindblown emoji.

“This would have a 50% chance of getting rid of Nam/Darrell w/ a 100% chance of blocking CT,” Wes offered as a voting strategy.

wes bergmann of the challenge tweets about episode 11
Pic credit: @WestonBergmann/Twitter

While Wes’ proposed voting strategy seems to be viable, Double Agents castmate “Killa Kam” explained why they didn’t do things that way.

“Why would CT throw himself down if there was nothing to win? If a skull would’ve won [the daily mission], we would’ve put no skulls against each other for sure. However, to protect most skulls we had to sacrifice another skull. 100% chance of keeping Lees skull safe & 50% chance of CT going home,” Kam commented in her retweet of Wes’s original idea.

the challenge kam williams replies to wes voting strategy tweet
Pic credit: @iamkamiam_/Twitter

Kam’s comments seem to make good sense based on her, Leroy, and their alliance wanting to protect their Skulls and give a chance that somehow CT would get eliminated. Most viewers realize that CT would likely have just sent down one of the Big Brother players who had a Gold Skull if the house vote sent Nam Vo or Darrell Taylor in.

Still, it would’ve been interesting to see if The Challenge producers and host TJ Lavin introduced another twist if two male competitors without Gold Skulls went into elimination. Would TJ announce that someone with a Skull needed to volunteer? Or would he say that everyone needed to vote again until someone was defending a Skull in elimination? Wes’s idea certainly raises some intriguing questions about what might happen.

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