The Challenge’s Theo Campbell comments on his return from brutal injury for World Championship series

theo campbell confessional interview for the challenge
Theo Campbell appears in a confessional interview for MTV’s The Challenge. Pic credit: MTV

Theo Campbell is back on The Challenge, vying to become the first-ever world champion in the spinoff series, The Challenge: World Championship.

The former War of the Worlds finalist will be amongst the MTV Legends in the show’s cast, teaming up with an international MVP for the season.

He’s returning after a hiatus of several years from competing on the MTV show due to a brutal eye injury he suffered after War of the Worlds filmed.

He continued working hard at his training after recovering from several surgeries in an attempt to regain the vision in his damaged eye.

Monsters and Critics previously reported that Theo said he was considered for Ride or Dies, but he expressed that things didn’t work out with casting.

However, he’s now making his return to The Challenge and appears prepared to show why he’s the best of the best, as he recently shared his thoughts about competing in the World Championship.

Theo talks about returning as a Legend for The Challenge: World Championship

“Why am I considered a Legend?” Theo asks in his promotional video clip, continuing, “I think it was because I done quite well in my first season. Made it to the final. Nearly won and only just lost on a math question right at the end.”

That was Theo’s debut season, War of the Worlds, where the Love Island UK star teamed up with MTV’s Cara Maria Sorbello for most of the season. The pair reached the final, with Theo finishing as a runner-up to the show’s winner, Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran.

He mentions he would’ve gone on to do Season 35 and “potentially 36” but says an eye injury got in the way of that happening.

“So now I’m back. Hopefully, ready to dominate again,” Theo said.

He goes on to mention he’s done five eliminations and won four. However, he says that the last season he did, War of the Worlds 2, didn’t go quite how he would’ve liked as he was eliminated while some of Team UK’s weaker players kept moving on in the game.

However, Theo said he knows something he’s still got to work on is the “politicking” that is a major part of keeping one’s self safe in the game.

Theo suffered his brutal eye injury in 2019

Theo’s second season of The Challenge, War of the Worlds 2, was filmed in Thailand from May to July 2019. He was eliminated in Episode 11 after getting eliminated by castmate Jordan Wiseley, who will also appear in the World Championship series.

Monsters and Critics previously reported about the eye injury that Theo suffered several months later. He had been on holiday in Ibiza, Spain, and a cork from a champagne bottle that someone popped flew into his eye, causing severe damage.

According to Theo during the WOTW 2 reunion, the cork split his right eye in half, and he needed several surgeries. However, the attempts to restore vision in that eye were unsuccessful.

Theo spoke at length about how the injury happened on the show This Morning several years ago.

He failed to let the injury and his eye situation keep him from working out hard and preparing for a possible return to The Challenge competition series. Over the years, he’s continued to let his thoughts be known about returning for the show, even suggesting he should’ve been on The Challenge: UK.

Instead, he’ll appear on the grander stage as one of MTV’s Legends. Not only will he return to see many of his former castmates from MTV’s show, but also his ex-girlfriend Kaz Crossley, who was on The Challenge: UK.

The Challenge: World Championship premieres Wednesday, March 8, on Paramount Plus.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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