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Theo Cambell from The Challenge: How he got his eye injury, latest update

theo campbell on the challenge war of the worlds 2 reunion
Theo wore an eye patch on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 reunion show. Pic credit: @theo_campbell91/Instagram

When the competitors got back together in London for MTV’s The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 reunion, the UK’s Theo Campbell was noticeably sporting an eye patch.

Theo provided an injury update during the reunion, saying he would bounce back from it. However, it still left many people wondering how Theo from The Challenge got the eye injury.

Theo suffered eye injury this past summer

In an Instagram post this past August, Theo informed fans of what went down. Basically, he had a mishap involving a champagne bottle’s cork hitting him in the right eye.

Campbell said the eye was split in half and he needed two surgeries, but lost all vision in that eye. He also said he was looking at the “bright side” that he still has one eye left.

Campbell garnered plenty of support from fans all over with nearly 180,000 Likes and over 5,000 comments to date on that initial post. He’d go on to wear an eye patch following the surgery.

Theo said the injury occurred when on vacation in Ibiza, Spain. He said there were a lot of bottles of champagne popping at once at the party he was attending. He said somehow, one of the guests there popped a bottle and a cork got him right in the eye. Campbell said he felt a pain and had blood on his hand afterward.

In an interview with The Morning, Theo spoke to the show hosts about the incident and surgery.

Even with the eye injury, Campbell participated in a 10K race for charity to help support the Cure Blindness cause. He continued to post images on Instagram, some of which featured him without the eye patch on anymore. That had fans thinking maybe he’d healed up, but that wasn’t the case.

Theo provides an update on his eye injury

Theo was part of The Challenge reunion episode, which aired on Wednesday, December 18. However, that episode was recorded back in October. Since then, Theo’s continued the recovery process with the eye injury. Two weeks ago, he provided an emotional update video on Instagram about the struggle.

Basically, Theo said he was going around three weeks without the eye patch on, and people thought his eye was better, but it’s not. He said his vision has “improved zero” even though he thought it might.

Theo also mentioned trying to look like he was better and capable of going on The Challenge again by doing a 10K and posting pictures without the patch. However, it’s been three months, and Theo said: “maybe the four doctors I’ve seen were right.”

He admitted he’d had some “down days” but “it’s alright not to be alright.” However, Campbell has been watching motivational videos and also getting the support of friends and fans online as he tries to accept things.

Many of his online fans are rooting for Theo to return to another season of The Challenge to show he’s still capable of competing with the best of them. Jordan is a multiple-time winner with one hand, so it’s not hard to envision Theo competing with one eye.

Follow more of Theo Campbell’s day-to-day story and updates through his official Instagram page or on his Twitter page.

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