The Challenge’s Aneesa Ferreira comments on her situations with Theresa Jones and Wes Bergmann after Double Agents

aneesa ferreira during the challenge double agents commentary
Aneesa Ferreira revealed where things stand with castmates Theresa Jones and Wes Bergmann. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Double Agents season involved plenty of friendships put to the test, with some castmates having strained relationships after the show.

The nature of the game involved having to work with a teammate and alliances, but also competitors trying to do what was best for themselves and their friends.

Along with those tough parts of playing the game, various commentary from cast members during confessional interviews rubbed some castmates the wrong way when episodes finally aired.

Aneesa Ferreira made comments regarding how two relationships with castmates went following their exits from the show, and it seems they may not be on as good of terms as they once were.

Aneesa says chat with Theresa after Double Agents ‘didn’t go well’

Double Agents star Aneesa Ferreira appeared on the March 22 episode of the Challenge Mania podcast and fielded some questions that listeners sent in. One person asked how her relationship with Theresa Jones was “this time around” following their “connection on Free Agents” season.

“Yeah, we were really close on Free Agents. I was really excited that she was gonna be doing the show,” Aneesa shared.

However, things didn’t exactly go as smoothly between the two Free Agents castmates on Double Agents.

“When we were playing Free Agents, people had different ways of playing, but I had never known about like her gameplay, and she was a little shady this season,” she revealed about Theresa.

Among the things Aneesa took issue with was Theresa telling Kam that Aneesa had voted her in for elimination. Aneesa said she never voted for Kam once during the season. In addition, Theresa knew that Aneesa was going into elimination against her friend Tori Deal, but Theresa didn’t give the heads up.

“I heard that just the way she talked to some girls like it was just a bunch of b******t. So yeah, it kind of made me think like, ‘Who is this person?’” Aneesa shared.

Challenge Mania podcast host Scott Yager asked Aneesa if she and Theresa have talked at all since the show.

“A little bit, but it did not end well. She reached out to me, and I didn’t answer her for about a month, and then I finally did because I had some wine in me. I was like ‘F**k it, I’ll answer,’ and that didn’t go well. She [Theresa] was like, ‘I’m not on the clock, so I’m not doing this,’” Aneesa revealed.

“That’s how we left it. Hope she has good luck with the baby and everything. I wish her well, and that’s as far as it goes,” Aneesa shared.

Aneesa comments on her situation with Wes

Another cast member with whom Aneesa seemed to have issues after their Double Agents departure was Wes Bergmann. The two were involved in a tense chat across text messages that Wes shared after his elimination.

Wes had felt certain cast members attacked his character on the show and asked Aneesa in their messages to make a specific statement about things, which she declined to do.

A listener sent in a question for Challenge Mania asking Aneesa about what she would’ve done differently looking back at how she did things on Double Agents.

“I feel like I should have told Wes I was voting his a** in. I haven’t talked to Wes since his tweets,” Aneesa revealed on the podcast episode.

“Wes had talked s**t about me on the bus, no cameras, and the guys told me about it, just like wanting to affect my money outside of the show like in real life, and I didn’t like that. That was nasty,” Aneesa also shared. 

She survived until Double Agents Episode 15 when Tula “Big T” Fazakerley eliminated her in Fire Escape. During her podcast chat, the veteran competitor said she learned a lot about how she might play the game differently if she returned for a future season.

“I didn’t feel bad about voting for [Wes] at all and watching the game, and how people play, I don’t feel bad about anything. I feel like I should’ve done more things to benefit myself,” Aneesa said.

“For the next time, if there is one, I’ll be friendly, but I’m gonna make the strategic moves I need to make to ensure that I’m good,” Aneesa said.

Her next time is actually coming to screens quite soon but it’ll be with other OG castmates. Aneesa will be part of The Challenge: All Stars spinoff which premieres Thursday, April 1 on Paramount Plus.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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