The Challenge: All Stars promo ad shows exciting mission footage, TJ Lavin on top of moving big rig

the challenge all stars promotional ad featuring tj lavin
TJ Lavin appears on top of a big rig truck in The Challenge: All Stars ad. Pic credit: Paramount Plus

The Challenge: All Stars season will reunite fans with some of their favorite cast members from over the years as they battle for a chance at $500,000 in Argentina.

So far, the OG spinoff season is looking like it should deliver plenty of action and excitement for viewers, based on trailers, promotional clips, and preview footage released.

A brand new promotional advertisement continues that theme, featuring some more glimpses of what’s on the way, including missions and injuries. All Stars host TJ Lavin even does some stunt work to promote the show.

The Challenge: All Stars promo clip teases OG spinoff

TJ Lavin has been known to make an entrance when it comes to showing up for The Challenge. In the newest promotional clip for The Challenge: All Stars, the show host is right in viewers’ faces as he rides atop a moving big rig truck.

“You think this is an adrenaline rush, then you just wait until the biggest season of The Challenge ever,” TJ yells to start off the new ad (below).

The clip includes a closer look at the mission on that truck that first arrived in the official All Stars trailer. It looks to involve competitors on harnesses trying to jump from peg to peg on the side of the truck as it speeds along. That would be tough for current Challenge stars, let alone the OGs who are much older now.

In the promo ad, viewers also see former The Real World: Hawaii star Teck “Money” Holmes announcing his return to the competitive reality series. Teck, now 45, made his sole appearance on The Challenge 2000, taking home over $6,000 in banked winnings despite not winning the season.

“It’s my time to come back. I love The Challenge,” Teck says during a confessional interview.

The promotional ad also promises “jaw-dropping” Challenges and that “the stakes have never been higher.” A competitor falls through the floor in one daily mission. Another scene appears to show someone breaking out of a large box for an elimination event.

Viewers get a glimpse of a few injuries with one competitor laying on the ground clutching at part of their leg. Another scene shows a competitor bleeding on her face as two castmates assist her up a hill near water. This should be just as intense as regular seasons of The Challenge.

TJ commented on his All Stars ad stunt

For those wondering, 44-year-old BMX pro and Challenge host, TJ Lavin was all about doing that big rig scene. He didn’t get any CGI or stunt doubles for this one either. TJ confirmed he did that on his own, and based on his comments, didn’t use any harnesses while doing the shoot.

“Some of the big rig stuff, I’m like, that looks hard. I want to try that. There’s a couple of shots we did for the Paramount+ ads, standing on top of a big rig, and I didn’t use any harness or anything,” TJ told US Weekly. “I just stood on top of the rig and we got going the speed, and I just started having to go through lines on top of a big rig with no harness. It was awesome.”

Lavin will return to host the spinoff, and based on his other comments, The Challenge: All Stars missions were “very, very hard” for competitors, to the point where he questioned if younger competitors could even do them.

TJ also acknowledged various cast members on the OG spinoff, as he complimented several of the veteran competitors for being in peak physical condition.

“Mark Long is a Greek God. Have you seen that guy? He’s strong. He’s working out all the time and Alton [Williams] is the same thing. Then there are some of those people who are more like myself, like, whatever. Just chill!” TJ said.

The new series arrives just a day after Double Agents, with The Challenge fans buckling up for plenty of exciting missions, intense drama, and trips down OG memory lane.

The Challenge: All Stars premieres on Thursday, April 1 on Paramount Plus.

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