The Challenge’s Amanda Garcia reacts to Sylvia Elsrode and ‘whack job’ KellyAnne Judd in All Stars 3

amanda garcia in the challenge season 37 confessional
Amanda Garcia in a confessional for The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 6 featured important game moments for several of the show’s competitors, but KellyAnne Judd and Sylvia Elsrode were under the spotlight often.

The two rivals bumped heads during the season, which ultimately culminated in some major moves happening in Episode 6 that impacted alliances and rivalries going forward.

Sylvia’s pal Amanda Garcia was watching the episode and recently gave some thoughts about things she saw, including Sylvia’s comments towards castmate KellyAnne whom she called a “whack job.”

Sylvia vs. KellyAnne in All Stars 3, Episode 6

The sixth episode of All Stars provided OG KellyAnne Judd the opportunity she’d been waiting for to strike back against the Treehouse Alliance. This group made it their priority to eliminate her and Kendall Darnell from the game.

They succeeded in ousting Kendal from the game several episodes earlier. However, in All Stars 3, Episode 6, Sylvia decided to use her power of Sabotage in the daily challenge against Jonna Mannion rather than KellyAnne.

That was due to seeing the challenge involved a puzzle, but what Sylvia didn’t account for was the paddleboarding aspect of the event, something KellyAnne excels at due to owning several paddleboards at home.

It allowed KellyAnne to finish among the final three women who had an opportunity to solve the puzzle. Although her puzzle came crashing down at one point, she collected herself, rebuilt, and ultimately won her first daily challenge of the season.

With that, she became part of The Authority with the men’s winner, Brad Fiorenza, and the duo got to send in one man and one woman to compete in the elimination.

Due to Sylvia’s rude comment after KellyAnne won the daily event and a chat later that didn’t go anywhere, KellyAnne chose to send Sylvia into The Arena. She called out Nia Moore as her opponent, who channeled her anger over being blindsided into a win during the Star Struck event.

With that, Sylvia was officially sent home from the game, causing the Treehouse to crash down a bit, as it now includes just four members. Sylvia exited the game with several comments towards KellyAnne, including telling her “F** off” and that “it was personal” between them.

However, on social media, Sylvia commented about her exit, suggesting she leaves all that stuff behind with the show and doesn’t bring it home or onto social media for later.

Amanda reacts to Sylvia’s scenes from All Stars 3 episode

In past seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, viewers saw a group known as the Lavender Ladies emerge. It featured Sylvia and castmates Amanda Garcia, Ashley Mitchell, and Shane Landrum.

Amanda was rooting for her friend Sylvia from home as she watched the latest episode. In one of her tweets, she brought up an early scene with Sylvia on a video call home, reprimanding her stepson over his report card and suggesting he needed to bring up his grades.

“Sylvia is the best f***ing step mom on earth! Omg my heart that was so sweet,” Amanda said of the scene.

amanda garcia reacts sylvia elsrode scene all stars 3 episode 6
Pic credit: @MTV_AMANDAG/Twitter

It didn’t stop there, as Amanda loved how Sylvia told that “whack job” to “f**k off” after losing at The Arena.

amanda garcia reacts sylvia elsrode in all stars 3 episode
Pic credit: @MTV_AMANDAG/Twitter

Amanda, a former cast member from Are You the One?, debuted on The Challenge in Rivals III, which also featured KellyAnne Judd. Amanda was involved in several spats with castmate Camila Nakagawa during that particular season.

However, it appears that Amanda feels the same dislike towards KellyAnne that Sylvia mentioned during All Stars 3. Perhaps more details will arrive as to what it is, in particular, that they don’t like about the All Stars OG.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus. The Challenge Season 38 is TBA on MTV.

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