The Challenge: Zach Nichols says he really wishes one castmate was on the USA spinoff

zach nichols during a confessional on the challenge war of the worlds 2
Zach Nichols revealed one MTV castmate he really wants to see on The Challenge: USA. Pic credit: @thechallenge/YouTube

In the first season of The Challenge: USA, CBS reality TV stars from Big Brother, Amazing Race, Survivor, and Love Island participated in MTV’s competition series for the first time.

While fans of the CBS shows likely enjoyed seeing some of their favorites, faithful Challenge viewers might have wished for more of their favorite cast members from MTV’s show.

With that, The Challenge: USA 2 brought six MTV stars into the mix to compete alongside and against several CBS reality TV titans.

Among those MTV stars are the fiery Amanda Garcia, mastermind Wes Bergmann, and instigator Johnny Bananas.

They’ve provided entertainment through the first four episodes of the season, as have several CBS stars, including Josh Martinez, who also appeared on MTV’s The Challenge.

Without them, fans might find the season dull and only focused on the competitions, with no exciting arguments or altercations in the house.

However, former Challenge winner Zach Nichols believes the show could use another of his former MTV castmates to really turn up the entertainment.

Zach ‘really’ wants to see his MTV castmate on The Challenge spinoff

Zach, who appeared in The Real World: San Diego and The Challenge, is now co-hosting a podcast with GOHT Media where he recaps and reviews episodes of the competition series each week.

In a recent video clip on social media, he said he wished they’d cast his former castmate, Devin Walker, to be part of the USA spinoff.

“Devin’s made a career out of CBS- Big Brother sucks. Put him in there. He’s been saying it, but I’ll tell you what. He’d get ganged up on. He’d make it so entertaining,” Zach said.

He continued by saying he wanted to see what Devin would do on the show if he were “outnumbered” in the game. Zach also said Devin would make the show “entertaining” and “a lot of people underestimate him.”

“He’s also hysterical,” Zach said, adding, “The amount of entertainment that would ensue putting Devin in a house of Big Brother people would be astronomical. Give him a case of beer, and just let him go.”

Early in his Challenge career, Devin became known for his sarcastic comments and dislike of specific castmates, including Bananas. He had a memorable moment where he asked castmates to put Bananas into elimination against him, which they did, and then Devin ousted the champion.

During the Double Agents season, viewers were treated to Devin calling out Big Brother stars, including Josh and Fessy, as he instigated arguments and drama with them. That’s where the “Big Brother sucks” movement began, with many viewers loving it.

Devin backed off his ‘Big Brother sucks’ stance

In more recent MTV seasons, viewers saw Devin end his “Big Brother sucks” movement on The Challenge to gain more allies in the game. That included Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat and Josh Martinez in the past few seasons.

It seemed to help him immensely, too. In the Ride or Dies season, Devin kept calm, cool, and collected for most of the run, as he and teammate Tori Deal reached the final and won the season.

He still might take aim at some of the newer CBS stars on The Challenge: USA spinoff due to their approach to the show. As Monsters and Critics reported, Johnny Bananas mentioned that one Big Brother star pulled him aside to tell him the reasons she didn’t like him.

Throughout the first four episodes of the spinoff’s second season, viewers mostly saw the former Big Brother and Survivor stars running things with secretive and sneaky strategies. However, Bananas’ decision to defect to the Blue Team changed the game’s direction.

However, Amanda was one of the entertaining aspects of the first four episodes and was eliminated in Episode 4. Devin may have been needed to keep an extra element of entertainment in her absence.

The Challenge: USA 2 airs Thursdays at 10/9c and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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