The Challenge: Johnny Bananas says USA 2 castmate gave him reasons she didn’t like him

johnny bananas in the challenge usa 2 episode 4 after elimination
Johnny Bananas during The Challenge: USA 2, Episode 4. Pic credit: Paramount+

On The Challenge: USA 2 spinoff, six vets from the MTV competition series showed up to the game, which already featured CBS reality TV titans.

While some of those CBS stars had appeared on MTV’s The Challenge before, others are newer to the game.

However, they made their strategy to get rid of the MTV stars from the cast, with Johnny Bananas one of their early targets.

He was an elimination vote early and often until he won the event he had to go into against former rival Paulie Calafiore.

With that win, he got to return to the game but could also choose to defect to any team. He made the wise move to choose Blue Team, sending Cory Wharton to Red Team.

While some of his new teammates were happy to see him on Blue, at least one castmate approached him to talk about not liking him.

Bananas felt like a ‘fish out of water’ on USA 2

During a recent appearance on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, Bananas talked about his experience on The Challenge: USA 2.

Host Devyn Simone asked Bananas who the “least tolerable” CBS stars were that he had as castmates on CBS’ USA 2, MTV’s Ride or Dies, or World Championship spinoff.

Bananas said he felt like the MTV Challengers were the rookies on this CBS spinoff season because he didn’t have any info or intel when he got to the game.

He said he was like a “fish out of water” this season because of how many Survivor and Big Brother players were there to control the game.

When Devyn called out Bananas for not answering her question, he said you could “throw a dart at a dartboard” or “pin the tail on the thirst bucket” regarding his CBS castmates.

Bananas said Big Brother star told him why she disliked him

After everyone chuckled over his remarks, podcast co-host Tori Deal said she was there and felt she should answer for him. Devyn encouraged it, and Tori brought up Alyssa Lopez.

“Is that why she keeps coming for you in interviews?” Devyn asked during the podcast episode.

In USA 2, Episode 4, viewers saw during a confessional that Alyssa wasn’t thrilled when Bananas became her new teammate.

“We must be star-crossed lovers or something because I have no clue where that went sideways,” Bananas said.

“I didn’t say like two words to this girl the entire time we were in the house,” Bananas said.

He mentioned that he defected to Blue Team to “neutralize” how they kept coming for him regarding elimination votes. He said the “best way to create chaos is from within.”

Bananas also said after joining the team, Alyssa pulled him aside, saying they needed to talk.

“It was like, ‘Here’s the things I hate about you,'” he said of Alyssa’s talk, adding she told him “your jokes aren’t funny” and that he was “too loud.”

“The third thing she said was, ‘You shushed Michelle [Fitzgerald] on the Capsized challenge,'” Bananas revealed.

He explained he hadn’t had many words with Alyssa at all up until that point. However, after hearing why she disliked him, Bananas continually used it for humor.

Tori said whenever someone does something like that to Bananas, he’ll make it a running joke. He explained that he would tell everyone he was being “too loud” or “shush” Alyssa randomly during their team meetings.

Bananas described Alyssa as a physical “specimen” who “exudes confidence” and said that she spoke “softly and [carried] a big stick.”

The Challenge: USA 2 airs Thursdays at 10/9c and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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