The Challenge: USA Season 2 spoilers reveal final 12 competitors for spinoff season

tj lavin in a promo video for the challenge usa spinoff season
TJ Lavin appears in a promotional video for The Challenge: USA. Pic credit: @TheChallenge/YouTube

As The Challenge: USA Season 2 moves full speed ahead towards its final, spoilers reveal which cast members remain in the game.

As viewers have seen in other seasons, daily challenges and eliminations reduce the playing field until only a select number of competitors are left.

Those competitors typically compete in a grueling final, which should outdo the first spinoff season based on the remaining cast members’ ages and experience with The Challenge.

Several individuals are previous winners and finalists. USA 2 is down to just 12 competitors now, which suggests TJ Lavin’s final is getting closer with each elimination.

In USA’s first season, five men and five women qualified for the final. In The Challenge: World Championship, teams, each with two competitors, advanced to the final.

This report will contain spoilers from The Challenge: USA 2, including names of cast members still competing to win the season.

Recent eliminations included former Big Brother and Real World stars

Recent spoilers have indicated that Alyssa Snider from Big Brother is the latest cast member to get ousted from The Challenge: USA 2.

Alyssa made her reality TV debut on CBS’ Big Brother 24, where she had that headline-making showmance with castmate Kyle Capener.

Their relationship has since ended, and based on rumors, Alyssa had a new showmance with another Big Brother star during the USA 2 filming.

Alyssa’s elimination was revealed soon after two-time Challenge champion and All Stars 2 winner Wes Bergmann (The Real World: Austin) got eliminated. As of this writing, who eliminated Wes or Alyssa and what events they competed in are unknown.

However, it sends the multi-time champion home ahead of a potential final consisting of another multi-time champ and several reality TV stars hungry for the win.

Who are the 12 remaining competitors for The Challenge: USA 2?

With Alyssa and Wes out of the game, 12 hungry competitors hope to reach the final and win the season. One of them is seven-time MTV Challenge winner Johnny Bananas, who is part of the spinoff after appearing in Ride or Dies and World Championship.

The other men joining Bananas include multi-time finalists Cory Wharton and Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat, as well as Big Brother winner and Challenge regular Josh Martinez.

Two rookies are also there with a shot at winning it all. Big Brother star Tyler Crispen, initially thought to be eliminated, and Survivor 38’s Chris Underwood are the only rookie men in the game.

Ride or Dies winner Tori Deal heads up the remaining six women in the game. She is also set to compete in The Challenge: World Championship final and could be a tough out for anyone going against her.

However, it seems that a “Survivor Strong” theme has seemingly emerged, like in the first USA spinoff season. Former Survivor winner and MTV Challenge regular Michele Fitzgerald may be working with Spies, Lies & Allies friend Michaela Bradshaw and their fellow Survivor stars.

That includes Desi Williams, who reached the final in USA Season 1 but was eliminated due to a poor performance by her teammate Enzo Palumbo in the opening leg.

Two Survivor newcomers to The Challenge also remain with Survivor 42’s Chanelle Howell and Survivor 43’s Cassidy Clark, further showing the CBS show’s stars may be taking over.

As of this writing, it’s unknown if the final will feature competitors individually or as teams. It’s also yet to be revealed how many winners there will be and how much money they’ll claim.

The Challenge: USA Season 1 saw Survivor stars Danny McCray and Sarah Lacina finish the final ahead of their castmates. With the win, they each collected a portion of a $500,000 overall prize purse and punched their tickets to The Challenge: World Championship.

The Challenge: USA Season 2 spoilers reveal final 12 competitors for spinoff seasonThe Challenge: USA Season 2 premiere is TBA for Paramount Plus. The Challenge: World Championship finale arrives Wednesday, May 17, on Paramount Plus.

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1 month ago

I hope they keep making these challenge shows and their spin offs. It’s about the only thing I like to watch on TV these days. Everything else is either re runs or shows that suck and are just vulgar and stupid. So ty.