The Challenge’s Danny McCray comments about World Championship’s ‘edit’ and castmates before final episode

danny mccray in the challenge world championship episode 11
Danny McCray shared his thoughts about the season’s edit and his castmates before The Challenge: World Championship final. Pic credit: Paramount+

During The Challenge: World Championship spinoff season, The Challenge: USA winner Danny McCray has been spotlighted as having a complex working relationship with his teammate, Tori Deal.

Danny chose Tori during the season’s first few episodes, as host TJ Lavin allowed the MVPs to draft their MTV Legends partners based on the order of finish during an opening qualifier.

While Danny decided to choose a recent winner of MTV’s show Ride or Dies, he quickly found it difficult to work alongside Tori due to their conflicting strategies and alliances in the game.

Tori initially noted the importance of protecting her No. 1 in the game, her ex Jordan Wiseley, one of several castmates that just appeared on MTV’s Ride or Dies with her.

However, she also began to show her need to protect another ally, her good friend and castmate Kaycee Clark.

That led to plenty of frustrations as Danny often had difficulty navigating the game due to his own alliances and plans to eliminate their strongest competition ahead of the final.

Paramount Plus recently released World Championship Episode 11, featuring only five remaining teams and TJ’s final right around the corner.

Danny and Tori were one of those teams, as well as Kaycee with Troy Cullen, Jordan with Kaz Crossley, Yes Duffy with Emily Seebohm, and Sarah Lacina with Theo Campbell.

Three of the other teams had one of Danny or Tori’s allies on it. However, the daily challenge brought an interesting turn of events, with Jordan making good on a deal he’d struck with Yes and Emily, which he had never informed Tori about.

The deal was to not defeat them in a daily challenge, with Jordan saying if it came down to them, he and Kaz would ensure they finished in second place. During the daily, Kaycee and Troy were the first ones eliminated due to a part of the event allowing the first team to complete a task to drop them into the water.

Due to their early loss in the event, Kaycee and Troy automatically went into the elimination. The daily came down to Jordan and Kaz versus Sarah and Theo, with Jordan and Kaz ultimately helping their opponents win, much to Tori’s surprise.

She later confronted Jordan about his deal which he kept her in the dark about, leading to some frustration on Tori’s part since she’d been protecting him.

Ultimately, the three remaining teams that didn’t win or lose the event had to vote for one team to send in to face Kaycee and Troy. The three teams agreed to vote for themselves, creating a stalemate.

That later backfired at The Arena as host TJ Lavin allowed the losing team, Kaycee and Troy, to choose their opponents for the elimination. They went with the fellow Aussie team Emily and Yes, then defeated them in a 2-of-3 Hall Brawl battle.

Danny comments about World Championship’s edit before final

Following the presentation of Episode 11, Danny had a few things to say regarding what he saw go down during the footage. In one of his tweets, he mentioned it would’ve made better sense for Emily and Yes to vote for Jordan and Kaycee.

However, that’s in hindsight now. Looking back at their moves, Yes and Emily might have done something differently.

danny mccray tweets thoughts on world championship episode 11
Danny tweets after World Championship Episode 11. Pic credit: @dannydmac44/Twitter

In another tweet, Danny brought up how the edit of the World Championship season has presented things regarding his castmates’ game plans.

“This edit of this season seems clear.. but some fans will disagree just bc it’s FANDOM but I’m not going out like that.. let’s see what happens next week.. the battle is on!” Danny tweeted ahead of the finale.

He then listed off Kaycee, Jordan, and Tori, indicating that the first two were “playing to win.” As far as his teammate Tori, Danny put a question mark next to her name, suggesting he wasn’t sure what she was playing the game for.

danny mccray tweets about the challenge world championship edit
Danny tweets about the World Championship season’s edit. Pic credit: @dannydmac44/Twitter

However, fans likely remember that Tori appears in many seasons with Kaycee and Jordan, including the season she recently won, The Challenge: Ride or Dies. As some have brought up, there’s always an underlying “future seasons together” aspect of the game that many of the veteran players worry about.

Most likely, Tori was ensuring that her castmates wouldn’t go after her in future seasons but playing the game with loyalty toward them. However, Danny is a lot more focused on playing to win that prize money as he doesn’t have those same ties to worry about.

The Challenge: World Championship finale arrives on Wednesday, May 17, on Paramount Plus.

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