The Challenge: World Championship Episode 11 recap: TJ Lavin throws an elimination twist ahead of final

the challenge world championship episode 11 recap tori deal at daily event
Tori Deal in The Challenge: World Championship Episode 11. Pic credit: Paramount+

Host TJ Lavin revealed the season is down to just five teams vying for The Challenge: World Championship. In the previous episode, Troy Cullen and Kaycee Clark eliminated Darrell Taylor and Kiki Morris from the running.

As Kaycee and Troy celebrated their win at the house, Kaycee said in confessional she thought Emily Seebohm was bitter that Kiki and Troy won The Challenge: Australia.

Emily and Yes Duffy discussed needing to win the next daily event because Kaycee and Troy are gunning for them.

They discussed how they have a deal with Kaz Crossley and Jordan Wiseley for the upcoming daily. Jordan said if it’s a mini-final and they had the lead, they’d sit down and let Yes and Emily win it.

Kaz was still concerned about Jordan treating her as an equal in their partnership. At night, she talked with Jordan about feeling undervalued as his partner, but he reassured her that he wanted to win with her. Jordan apologized to Kaz for being patronizing toward her.

Sarah Lacina had a video call home with her husband Wyatt and son Knox. She talked about giving them her all and how her husband had to be a single parent back home. Sarah wanted being gone so long to be worth it for them all.

Danny McCray gave her a pep talk about it being hard but reminded her that she had positive friends still around.

Downfall brings swimming, math, and a new winning team

The teams started on a shoreline, then jumped into the water, swimming out to a colored ladder. The two teammates had to climb to the top of their adjacent ladders to untie a Challenge symbol. TJ said the first team to undo their symbol got to choose one team to eliminate immediately, sending them straight into The Arena elimination.

The teams kept climbing up their ladders, trying to pull the other team’s flags to drop them into the water. The top of the ladders had a numbers puzzle to solve.

Ultimately, one team would win, dropping the rest of the teams down. TJ said today’s daily challenge was vital because it would punch teams’ tickets to the final.

the challenge world championship episode 11 daily challenge
TJ Lavin waits by controls to drop teams in The Challenge: World Championship Episode 11 daily challenge, Downfall. Pic credit: Paramount+

Yes and Emily were determined to untie their symbol first to send Troy and Kaycee into elimination. However, it was Sarah and Theo Campbell who untied theirs first. They still dropped Troy and Kaycee.

The next team to get dropped was Emily and Yes. It came down to Theo and Sarah versus Jordan and Kaz. Tori was confused about why Jordan was helping the other team to ultimately win the daily. It came down to a series of math puzzles at the top with Jordan and Kaz assisting Theo and Sarah to figure the answers out.

After the event was completed, TJ revealed Sarah and Theo were the winners, while Kaycee and Troy were headed to The Arena for the elimination.

Winning team faces a difficult decision as the final looms

Jordan explained to Tori Deal and Theo about their deal with Yes and Emily to save each other in the last two daily challenges. Jordan suggested they stalemate at the elimination. Tori thought they should just throw Yes and Emily in.

The remaining three teams voted for one another to cause another stalemate at the vote, which they thought would let Sarah and Theo decide at The Arena.

Sarah had a difficult decision because she had her ally Danny on one team and friend Emily on another. Meanwhile, Theo’s ex, Kaz, was on the third team.

Sarah privately conversed with Danny about possibly sending him and Tori into elimination because she felt Emily and Yes saved them more times. Tori confronted Jordan about not telling him about his deal with the other team.

Sarah finally had an emotional conversation with Emily and explained she came into this game with Danny, so she wasn’t sending him in. Emily was upset because she lost her No. 1 Grant and felt Sarah was the only person she had left in the game. Both women were in tears. Sarah assured Emily she loved her as a person.

TJ reveals a huge twist in The Challenge: World Championship Episode 11 elimination

At The Arena, TJ told the teams he warned them about stalemates. He said everyone voted for themselves, and Sarah and Theo were out of this game because they were automatically in the final.

TJ said the only team who didn’t vote was Kaycee and Troy, so he asked them to choose their opponents. They chose Emily and Yes, which seemed it would happen anyway.

The two teams competed in the classic elimination banger, Hall Brawl. The first team to win two rounds would win the elimination, with the losers going home.

Yes and Troy went first, locking up in the middle of the hall and grappling for a while. Ultimately, they took one another down but were much closer to Troy’s side, allowing him a shorter run to ring his bell first.

Emily won the second round after wrestling with Kaycee in the middle of the hall, setting up a tie. TJ flipped a coin to determine it would be the women battling it out again for their team to get a spot in the final.

emily seebohm and kaycee clark in the challenge world championship
Emily Seebohm and Kaycee Clark battle in The Challenge: World Championship Episode 11. Pic credit: Paramount+

Kaycee looked like she might lose the round but grabbed Emily’s leg before she could take off. After they grappled a bit, Kaycee sprinted toward her bell to ring it first. Emily fell to the ground in tears, with Yes comforting her after the tough loss before the final.

TJ wished Yes and Emily well, hoping they’d see them again. In their exit interview, Emily spoke about being close to another Challenge final but not making it. She said she was grateful for Yes as her partner.

“We got more in us. You haven’t seen the last of us,” Yes said.

TJ congratulated the remaining teams on qualifying for the final. It’ll be Tori with Danny, Jordan with Kaz, Sarah with Theo, and Kaycee with Troy vying for their share of $500,000.

He said all the teams looked fresh and ready to play, so he told them to follow him so they could get going with his final.

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