The Challenge: USA rumors: Big Brother winner turned down Season 2, other BB stars contacted

the challenge usa host tj lavin
MTV star TJ Lavin is the host of The Challenge: USA. Pic credit: Paramount Plus

A second season of The Challenge: USA is in the works, with the spinoff bringing stars from CBS’ reality TV shows into the world of MTV’s competition series.

The first season included various cast members from shows Big Brother, The Amazing Race, Survivor, and Love Island, with two Survivor stars winning the final.

Based on speculation from various accounts, Season 2 is likely to cast individuals from these shows, and Big Brother is in the spotlight for the latest rumors.

In particular, one of the show’s former winners is rumored to have turned down a call, while another former player may have agreed to do the show.

There are also rumors swirling that the pay offered for the show is creating issues as far as casting goes, with some individuals “getting too big for their britches.”

Additionally, an update has arrived regarding when the new season of the spinoff show could start filming, bringing even more of The Challenge to fans.

Big Brother winner turned down The Challenge: USA 2

In The Challenge: USA’s first season, viewers saw several Big Brother stars among competitors, including Season 23 winner Xavier Prather. Based on a recent tweet from an account offering spoilers, it appears another winner was contacted for USA’s second season.

Taylor Hale followed Xavier as the winner of Season 24 of Big Brother. However, the tweet indicates that Taylor turned down the call to appear as one of USA’s cast members.

The tweet also reveals that her castmate Joseph Abdin accepted. In addition, it lists four other BB 24 stars contacted for The Challenge: USA 2 as Indy Santos, Kyle Capener, Alyssa Snider, and Monte Taylor were “offered a spot but TBD on if accepted.”

screenshot of cast for the challenge usa 2
Pic credit: @Spoilergirl1/Twitter

As mentioned, the premiere season of The Challenge: USA featured multiple cast members from BB 23. In particular, members of The Cookout alliance were involved in the spinoff, including Xavier, Kyland Young, Azah Awasum, and Tiffany Mitchell.

Along with those individuals, BB 23’s Alyssa Lopez and Derek Xiao also participated in the spinoff. Alyssa made it the furthest of the BB 23 cast members, although two other BB stars, Angela Rummans and Enzo Palumbo, reached the final.

Based on another tweet, some individuals are “getting too big for their britches” in declining the pay offered to appear on The Challenge spinoff. Additional calls are being made to some who initially refused the offer.

the challenge usa screenshot tweet about payouts
Pic credit: @Spoilergirl1/Twitter

Filming update for The Challenge: USA 2

Along with the update above, another message arrived regarding when The Challenge: USA 2 begins filming. Based on the tweet, it will start in March and will likely wrap up before the end of April, barring any setbacks or delays.

That gives fans of The Challenge plenty of the franchise in the new year. Ride or Dies is currently airing on MTV, with the final set arriving in the next several weeks.

There’s also The Challenge World Championship spinoff, which was filmed in South Africa and crowned two winners. The show featured the winners of The Challenge: USA Season 1, Danny McCray and Sarah Lacina, and winners from other spinoffs based out of Argentina, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

In addition, The Challenge: All Stars 4 has sent its cast members to that location to begin filming the spinoff. The spoilers for All Stars 4 cast have hit the internet, and it looks like a stacked group of former Challengers contending for that money prize!

The Challenge: USA episodes are available on Paramount Plus. The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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