The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 15 recap: Who went home from The Zone elimination?

jordan wiseley in the challenge ride or dies episode 15
Jordan Wiseley at The Zone in The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 15. Pic credit: MTV

Ride or Dies opened with a second elimination at The Zone as two teams battled it out. The matchup featured Jordan Wiseley and Aneesa Ferreira taking on Kaycee and Kenny Clark, with one team returning to the game and the other heading home.

The teams competed in another classic from The Challenge, Knot So Fast. The Ride or Dies partners had 20 minutes to tangle and twist a long, heavy rope in and around a cage.

After the time expired, the teams switched places and tried to undo the mess the other team had created for them. The team that did it first would return to the game while the losers were done.

Jordan seemed to come up with a good strategy and took the lead in instructing his teammate. Kaycee tried to get Kenny to do his best, but he lacked Challenge experience. Olivia Kaiser said in confessional that they’re siblings, but only one is a “born athlete.”

The teams eventually switched sides. Jordan got frustrated with Aneesa’s struggles to move around the structure and began to get loud, telling her there was no time to wait.

Ultimately, Jordan realized they only had about eight moves to finish the event. They seized the opportunity and defeated Kaycee for her first elimination loss in several seasons. That meant she and Kenny were headed home.

Following the event, Aneesa was in tears during their interview. Jordan told her she could accomplish anything with the right support.

A teary-eyed Nany Gonzalez rushed down to hug her girlfriend and said goodbye in an emotional moment. Kaycee said in confessional that this is Nany’s season to win.

Later, Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat spoke with Moriah Jadea outside, saying he was happy to see her back. They bickered about how Fessy didn’t stick up for her during her interrogation. She said she left with a “bad taste” in her mouth over that. Fessy said he felt betrayed by her. Eventually, they seemed to call a truce and get back on the same page.

In another scene, Nany was emotional about Kaycee leaving. Johnny Bananas told Nany she could lean on him for support while Kaycee was not there.

Ride or Dies teams play Runaway Ride

The Challengers awaited TJ Lavin’s arrival. He came riding down the roadway in a large blue bus that brushed against a wall causing sparks to fly. An explosion went off at one point. TJ greeted the cast and told them the event was Runaway Ride.

The teammates got inside the bus, which had a ball pit with over 100 balls with markings on them. The bus went full speed down a race track avoiding various barricades and cars.

The teammates had to look out the bus windows at signs along the way and find the corresponding marked balls, then put them into slots at the back of the bus. The team to get all ten balls arranged in the correct order the fastest would win.

Rookies Horacio Gutierrez and Olivia Kaiser did well, setting a fast time early. Amber Borzotra and Chauncey Palmer struggled a bit, with Chauncey vomiting. They got seven of their ten balls before pulling the lever to stop the bus.

Tori Deal also struggled and was throwing up on herself, so she pulled the lever after she and Devin only had eight balls in the slots. Bananas and Nany got all ten balls into the slots.

After everyone went, a dramatic moment arrived as TJ said one pair was “head and shoulders above the rest.” He revealed the team to get all ten balls correct was Nany and Bananas.

TJ said they’d return to the house and save one pair, then hold interrogations to choose one team for elimination. The rest would participate in The Draw.

Interrogation brings surprise volunteers

Nany and Bananas decided to save the strong team of Fessy with Moriah. Horacio saw the board and said he was ready because he felt Bananas would send them in again.

During interrogation, Chauncey and Amber volunteered to go into elimination to control their own fate. Devin said he felt Amber was trying to change the narrative so it didn’t seem like she was a shady player.

Aneesa said they were taking away Nany and Bananas’ power to say their names. Horacio and Olivia realized they had a high probability of going into elimination because if the other teams drew the “Safe” dagger, they’d save each other.

Who went home in The Zone elimination?

At The Zone, the four teams joined TJ on the ground level. Bananas and Nany chose Amber and Chauncey for the elimination matchup since they volunteered. TJ questioned why they volunteered, and Chauncey said he felt he needed to prove himself after not doing the daily event in the previous episode.

Aneesa said in her confessional that she felt that was “bulls**t,” and they were just trying to look “noble” now.

At The Draw, the rookies pulled the “Safe” dagger, so they were safe from elimination. In a surprise move, they chose to save Tori and Devin from elimination.

The two teams competed in Rumble Tumble. The opponents started strapped together back to back and had to move around The Zone, trying to knock over their stacks of blocks. There were six total blocks. The objective was for the women to knock over three blocks, and then the men had to knock over three.

The first round was Aneesa vs. Amber, with Aneesa clearly having a size advantage as she pulled Amber around and knocked over three easily. In the second round, Jordan used an intelligent strategy by allowing Chauncey to pull him toward his blocks so he could knock two over early.

jordan wiseley and chauncey palmer in the challenge 38 episode 15
The Challenge: Ride or Dies’ Episode 15 Rumble Tumble elimination featuring Jordan vs. Chauncey. Pic credit: MTV

Chauncey caught up and made it 2-2. He started to drag Jordan with some momentum, but Jordan wouldn’t quit. In confessional, he said he would “live in Chauncey’s dreams, forever.”

With that, Jordan reached the final set of blocks to knock them over and win it for his team. That meant Amber and Chauncey were heading home. TJ said he was positive everyone would see them both again.

TJ teased the competitors that they were headed to the final at any moment, but it wasn’t that moment yet.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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