The Challenge: Ride or Dies’ Moriah Jadea fires back after Josh Martinez blasts her for Fessy situation

moriah jadea in the zone for the challenge ride or dies
Rookie Moriah Jadea in The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 13. Pic credit: MTV

A bit of online drama has erupted following The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 14 and a recent podcast appearance from Josh Martinez.

While Josh isn’t featured in the Ride or Dies season, his friend Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat is back on the show and teamed up with someone who had never done reality TV.

Fessy brought his real-life friend Moriah Jadea as his teammate for the partner-themed season. Although they started off doing well in the season, things eventually broke down regarding their communication in the house.

It led to trust issues between the Ride or Dies partners and a burn-vote situation that irritated Fessy as he had to go into elimination due to Moriah.

It also had Moriah spilling the tea on podcasts or social media, sharing how she met Fessy and he asked her to appear on the show. She also commented more about how he treated her poorly while filming The Challenge.

Just recently, Josh appeared on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, saying how he didn’t like Moriah’s comments on Twitter or podcasts about Fessy after he’d given her the opportunity to be on MTV’s show.

Moriah Jadea fires back at The Challenge’s Josh Martinez

While Moriah and Josh haven’t appeared on The Challenge together, they’ve met one another, with Josh revealing they’d met up during an event. Although he said during MTV’s Official Challenge podcast that Moriah’s a “cool person,” he told her, “I’m really not f***ing with you.”

That’s due to her saying things about his friend Fessy on her social media like Twitter or on podcasts, like Johnny Bananas’ Death, Taxes & Bananas podcast.

Josh brought up that she’s entitled to her opinion about Fessy and how things went, but she should realize that he brought her the opportunity to be on The Challenge, which helped Moriah get a paycheck.

“We would not know who Moriah is if Fessy didn’t pick her,” Josh said during the podcast.

His podcast comments were captured by fans of The Challenge, who shared them on social media, including Twitter. A clip caught Moriah’s attention, prompting her to retweet it with some comments about what Josh said.

“Josh I just saw you Sunday and helped YOU out. ? you had all the opportunity to say this to me but you say it on a podcast so looks like you’re corny too. And for the record, I have told Fessy thank you a MILLION times doesn’t mean I should lie about how I was treated ?,” Moriah said in her tweet.

Moriah followed up with another tweet in which she mentioned how Fessy shouldn’t have done things he’d be “ashamed about later on.”

“Literally idc don’t do things that you’ll be ashamed about later on and ignore/pretend it didn’t happen or try to manipulate and gas light the situation. I have done wrong things but the difference is I admit it because I’m human. Now what?????????” Moriah tweeted.

moriah jadea tweets about fessy josh situation
Pic credit: @moriahjadea/Twitter

Moriah and Josh were almost Ride or Dies castmates

Along with Josh’s comments on MTV’s Challenge podcast about Moriah, podcast co-host, Da’Vonne Rogers confirmed she was nearly on Ride or Dies as Josh’s teammate. However, Da’Vonne said medical issues kept her off The Challenge because her doctor wouldn’t medically clear her to appear on the show.

Da’Vonne and Josh, friends and former Big Brother players, would have worked as another of the Ride or Dies teams during the season. Josh also indicated that production was ready to have him do the show with his sister when Da’Vonne couldn’t participate.

However, he opted not to go on the show, so he could keep his sister away from all the issues that come with fans and critics of the show on social media.

That said, it appears Josh was nearly one of Moriah’s castmates, and they could be castmates in the future. Based on Moriah’s season, there’s a possibility she’ll return as Ride or Dies has featured a strong rookie class, including Horacio Gutierrez, Olivia Kaiser, and Nurys Mateo.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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