The Challenge: Chauncey Palmer says it felt like he was having ‘anxiety attack’ during Ride or Dies event

chauncey palmer in interrogation scene from the challenge ride or dies
Chauncey Palmer during MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies season. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Ride or Dies brought back fan favorites to compete in the reality competition show, including former champions Johnny Bananas, Laurel Stucky, Jordan Wiseley, and Amber Borzotra.

The show also introduced an impressive group of rookies, including Amber’s boyfriend, Chauncey Palmer, a personal trainer who has shown his ability to compete.

However, The Challenge often puts the players into events where their biggest fears are tested, including one which Chauncey struggled with during a recent daily challenge.

It resulted in host TJ Lavin calling him out for his unwillingness to participate in the event, which could cost his team an important victory with the final getting closer.

After the episode aired, Chauncey took to social media to explain what was happening during that moment, indicating it felt like he was “having an anxiety attack.”

This report will contain spoilers from The Challenge: Ride or Dies season.

Chauncey Palmer reacts to scary Ride or Dies challenge

As episodes of The Challenge: Ride or Dies season air on MTV, many cast members use their social media to give their thoughts on what’s shown or not shown in the footage and how they felt in the moment.

Chauncey did that on Twitter this past Thursday, sharing a tweet from The Challenge Ride or Dies Episode 14 with a GIF of him saying he didn’t think he could participate. He also commented about that terrifying daily challenge the competitors had to do on top of a tall building in Argentina.

He said that particular event was difficult for him and his team kept joking about him and Aneesa falling during the event and saying they wouldn’t be able to complete the objective.

“it made my fear even worst and took me out mentally.. I don’t ever quit in anything, but I felt like I was having an anxiety attack but working on it,” Chauncey tweeted.

Competitors danced high up in The Challenge event

In Ride or Dies Episode 14, the competitors participated in It Takes Two to Tango, which brought Chauncey a terrifying moment during his rookie season.

The event had the cast back at the same tall building from Episode 4. In that episode, one of the Ride or Dies teammates was hanging via harness over the side of the building. Their partner would run off a plank and jump to grab onto them, trying to propel their teammate forward so they could retrieve a hanging flag.

While all the teams attempted it, only a few completed the event by getting the flag. Nelson Thomas and rookie Nurys Mateo were ultimately the winning team.

Chauncey and Amber were among the teams that attempted the event. However, they did that challenge during the daytime. Episode 14 was during the night, and even with the building lit up, it made for an intimidating experience balancing on that beam while moving with another person.

In the Takes Two to Tango event, pairs of two players from each team got onto a beam attached to the side of the building top. The individuals stood facing one another, making them dance partners.

They were required to move across the beam, which featured a few obstacles along the way, including a circular area where the partners had to turn around together and continue moving.

The objective was to move across to one side of the beam and then back to the start as quickly as possible. All the players completed it except Aneesa Ferreira and Chauncey.

TJ took Chauncey to task a bit as he was panicking and said he didn’t think he could do it. That had The Challenge host reminding him he had no problem with it while working with Amber in Episode 4’s event.

In other instances, TJ would remind someone after the event that he was disappointed in them quitting. However, that wasn’t present during this Ride or Dies episode, so it’s possible TJ’s become softer and more understanding, or it was cut from the final footage.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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