The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 14 recap: The Zone elimination results and TJ’s shocking twist

fessy shafaat in the challenge ride or dies episode 14
Fessy Shafaat during an interrogation in The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 14. Pic credit: MTV

The Challengers returned home after Nany Gonzalez’s big elimination win. Kaycee Clark was pleased her girlfriend was still in the house with her. Johnny Bananas said in confessional that it was about time for host TJ Lavin to pull the rug out from under everyone.

Fessy Shafaat talked in confessional about not knowing if Moriah Jadea’s elimination would help or hurt him. Devin Walker, Nany, and their team had a toast for Moriah and Nurys Mateo, who were eliminated.

Horacio Gutierrez brought his Ride or Dies teammate Olivia Kaiser a bunch of roses with a note to show his appreciation for her.

The cast had a day trip to a bar with a small beachfront and water. A scene involved Tori Deal discussing her Jordan issues with Aneesa Ferreira.

Aneesa suggested that Tori doesn’t need to chat with Jordan about anything. She told her she didn’t think this was the place for it.

Later, the competitors got their gear on during the daytime but were shown arriving on top of a large building at nighttime. It was the same building from Episode 4’s daily challenge.

Competitors dance up high in Takes Two to Tango

TJ revealed they’d compete in pairs, with one player from each team going twice. The two teammates had to dance their way across a beam and its obstacles and then back to the start in under 10 minutes. He said they’d get yanked off the beam if the time expired.

TJ revealed the team to get it done in the quickest time would win. Tori and Fessy were the first team to participate, with Fessy scared about the heights aspect. However, Tori tried to calm Fessy down during their attempt.

The second pair to go was Chauncey Palmer and Aneesa. Chauncey told TJ he didn’t think he could do this. TJ tried to encourage him to go saying, “you’re not a quitter,” but Chauncey seemed terrified. He didn’t want to go, so TJ blew the horn to DQ them.

Nany went twice for her team, while Fessy went a second time for his team. Everyone made it across and back except Chauncey and Aneesa, who got DQ’d.

Following the event, TJ revealed that the winning team was Fessy and Kaycee, meaning their entire team won and was safe from elimination. That put the other team back into elimination yet again.

Interrogation brings Tori vs. Jordan argument

Bananas said Devin shouldn’t be the direct vote. He said Horacio and Jordan were the stronger competitors, and losing one of them would significantly weaken the other team.

They asked Tori if she’d say Jordan’s name in any situation. She suggested she was going to see how the rest of the team voted and thought about what Jordan would do in the same spot.

Tori and Jordan got into an argument during Jordan’s interrogation, Tori confronted him, suggesting he might vote for her in the same situation, but he said he 100 percent wouldn’t. Tori said he never apologized for calling her a “terrorist” at The Zone, but he explained why he said it.

Jordan brought up that Tori tried to hold their personal relationship outside the game over his head, which prompted him to call her a terrorist. Tori eventually broke down in tears in the interrogation room.

Who went home from Ride or Dies in Episode 14?

As they arrived at The Zone, Bananas recognized that the setup was for the classic game of Balls In, featured in many other seasons of The Challenge.

During the voting, Fessy and Chauncey voted for Jordan. Olivia voted for Devin. Two other votes went for Horacio.

Tori got choked up when it came to her turn, saying she wouldn’t say her best friend Devin’s name but struggled when talking about Jordan. She said they had really good and really bad times. Tori’s vote was for Horacio, giving him a third vote to send him in. Bananas gave a fourth.

At The Draw, Devin went first and immediately pulled the “Safe” dagger to remain in the game.

It was Jordan vs. Horacio in Balls In, with the large goal in the middle of The Zone. One player would be on offense, and the other on defense. The object was to score three times to win.

the challenge ride or dies episode 14 elimination at the zone
Competitors battle in Balls In at The Zone for Ride or Dies elimination. Pic credit: MTV

The first round saw Jordan aggressively go at Horacio, who grabbed him for a bit before Jordan got away and scored. In the second round, Horacio did a sort of stutter-step fake-out move to catch Jordan off balance, then ran past him to score.

Jordan got away after Horacio took him down in the third round and scored again. However, Horacio came right back to tie it 2-2. During Jordan’s next go, Horacio knocked the ball out of his hands, so Jordan lost that round. That gave Horacio an advantage because if he scored in the next round, he’d win it.

At the start, Jordan tripped him by grabbing one of his legs. However, Horacio eventually pulled away and scored to eliminate Jordan. Before his exit, Jordan said, “Tori, I’m sorry.”

In confessional, Tori said that Jordan will always have a special place in her heart despite all their tough times during the season.

TJ informed Horacio he tied the all-time season record for elimination at five with Sarah Greyson from Gauntlet I and Fresh Meat team Wes Bergmann and Casey Cooper.

Tj Lavin surprises the cast at the house

The cast was back at The Challenge house working out or relaxing when TJ arrived for a surprise daytime visit. He went into one room and sat on the pool table. As the cast assembled there, TJ told them, “this is my house.”

He reminded them he’d say they’d always need to stay ready. He told them all to pack their stuff up, suit up, and meet him at The Zone.

At The Zone, TJ told everyone he had put them into two larger teams to test their Ride or Dies loyalties. Several pairs reunited, but several people’s partners were gone, including Fessy, Aneesa, and Kaycee.

TJ messed with those three by calling them down and telling them they can’t live or die without their Ride or Dies. They thought they were going home, but then Kaycee, Moriah, and Jordan returned to reunite with them. Fessy seemed super excited to have Moriah back as his partner.

Second elimination arrives at The Zone

All three teams competed in an elimination called Don’t Let Me Down. There were three ramps in The Zone with a large barrel the teammates had to push up the ramp. They had to hold it for a minute above a line at the top.

The winning team would return to the game, while the losers had to go again in another elimination event.

second elimination event in the challenge ride or dies episode 14
A second elimination takes place during The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 14. Pic credit: MTV

Fessy and Moriah got to the top of the ramp first while Kaycee and Kenny were struggling. Aneesa and Jordan managed to get to the top.

TJ blew the horn, revealing that Fessy and Moriah were the winners and back in the game. As the episode ended, TJ told the other two teams they’d have another elimination, and the losing team would go home for good.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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