The Challenge star Rogan O’Connor comments on Double Agents elimination

the challenge rogan o'connor comments on double agents elimination
Rogan O’Connor weighed in on the big elimination from The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 4. Pic credit: MTV

Fierce competitor Rogan O’Connor has appeared on several seasons of The Challenge now and put his name on the map with some big elimination victories and by winning a season.

One of his elimination wins came against Nelson Thomas in the infamous Hall Brawl event, which Nelson was extremely close to winning.

It became a sort of deja vu for Nelson with that particular elimination event, based on his recent journey on MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents.

Now, Rogan is weighing in on the elimination following what recently went down on the show.

Rogan comments on Hall Brawl event

In Double Agents’ fourth episode, as the competitors got to The Crater elimination site, they learned it would be a Hall Brawl. That immediately got Fessy Shafaat’s interest as he told Tori Deal of his intention to go in and get his Gold Skull.

The house vote went in favor of sending in Nelson Thomas and Amber M, so that meant it was Nelson vs. Fessy for the men’s Hall Brawl elimination.

While Nelson put up a good fight, he lost the battle to the bigger man, Fessy, who earned a Gold Skull and sent Nelson home.

One of the big talking points after that elimination was that Fessy was “playing dirty” and that Nelson revealed he went into elimination with a dislocated finger.

Following the elimination, some Challenge fans started contemplating a dream matchup of Rogan O’Connor vs. Fessy Shafaat in Hall Brawl.

In a recent Instagram Story post, Rogan reposted an image showing Nelson standing next to Fessy, which appears to be cropped out from the photo that Cory Wharton shared on Sunday.

“I Haven’t Seen This Season Yet…But Why Does Everyone Keep Telling Me I’d Destroy @FessyFitness In A Hall Brawl?” Rogan wrote on the picture.

“@_NelsonThomas What You Reckon?” he added, with a poll below asking people to choose who would win between Rogan and Fessy.

rogan oconnor comments on double agents elimination
Pic credit: @roguesnaps/Instagram

Since it’s Rogan’s IG Story poll, it’s not a surprise that he has a 78 percent to 22 percent lead as of this writing.

Rogan previously defeated Nelson in the event

During Total Madness last season, Rogan was already a champion from War of the Worlds 2. He was also able to make a name for himself in several of the Total Madness eliminations. In his first one, he took out rookie Jay Starrett, but only because Jay was medically disqualified due to injury after Rogan slammed him down.

In a later elimination, Rogan was sent in. Nelson volunteered himself to go into elimination to save his friend Cory Wharton from possibly getting taken out before the final.

It was a Hall Brawl, and while Nelly T was close to a win, he ultimately lost to Rogan. However, Nelson gained a lot of fans during that special moment on The Challenge.

He gained some more fans for showing his heart and determination on Double Agents but lost in a Hall Brawl for his second-straight season, this time to Fessy. It’s seemingly caused a divide between Nelson and Fessy’s friendship too. Based on Nelson’s comments after leaving the show, he wants to come back again and prove what he’s got. He intends to win the final.

Meanwhile, fans will have to wait and see if Rogan and Fessy end up on the same season and if somehow The Challenge gods put them into Hall Brawl together.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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