The Challenge star Nelson Thomas shares update on his injury recovery: ‘The real prison was my mindset’

Nelson Thomas on The Challenge
Nelson Thomas shared a positive update as he recovers from his injuries and surgery. Pic credit: MTV

Nelson Thomas shared an update regarding his progress after being released from the hospital following multiple surgeries on his leg.

As Monsters and Critics reported in April, The Challenge star was involved in a serious car wreck in April, which required him to be rescued from his burning vehicle by individuals passing by, including NFL player KJ Osborn.

Nelson was taken to the hospital for treatment following that crash and showed via Instagram photos that he had severe burns and cuts among his injuries.

He remained in the hospital for surgery on his ankle and leg, which required him to walk with the help of a walker.

Despite being released once, he was rushed back to the ER for more surgeries, including treatment for a minor infection and a procedure to transfer muscle and skin to his ankle.

Monsters and Critics reported that Nelson was released last month. He recently shared another update about his progress, talking about how he changed his mindset about recovery and revealing what his doctor recently told him.

Nelson Thomas shares an update on his recovery progress and changing his mindset

In an Instagram post on Friday, Nelson shared a photo of himself seated on a couch with his ankle wrapped in a bandage and elevated on a yellow foam cushion.

In his IG post’s caption, he explained that while dealing with his injury and the hospital stays, he felt “the walls were caving in” and that “life isn’t fair” due to his circumstances.

He said he had a similar mindset upon his release from the hospital and would even cry at night holding his leg due to the pain.

“But the hospital was never my prison. The real prison was my mindset,” he said.

“Embracing a victim mentality feels like hell, and almost guarantees no change,” he wrote.

The Challenge star said he felt blessed to have the people in his life to help him “get out the hole” he was falling into and direct him with wisdom and books to change his perspective.

“I had a follow up with the Dr. yesterday. He said my bone & skin are healing well and my body isn’t rejecting the 20 screws & 2 plates that are in my legs. Definitely taking steps in the right direction MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY ?,” he wrote in his caption.

The 34-year-old shared two additional photos in his IG carousel post showing X-rays or MRIs about his recovery progress as he revealed he has 20 screws and two plates in his legs.

His situation required that a friend set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise financial assistance for Nelson’s medical bills. As of this writing, the campaign has reached $55,710 of its $200,000 goal.

Nelson’s castmates and friends from The Challenge show support

Nelson has plenty of fans, friends, and castmates from The Challenge world showing their support as he continues his recovery from injury. His latest Instagram post received over 8,700 likes and hundreds of comments.

“You got this & we can’t wait to see you,” wrote castmate Kam Williams.

“Great news!!” former Real Worlder and Battle of the Seasons winner Ashley Marie Kelsey commented.

nelson thomas castmates support recovery
Challenge castmates show support for Nelson Thomas. Pic credit: @_nelsonthomas/Instagram

“You got this Nelson,” Big Brother’s Morgan Lolar wrote, while former Champs vs. Stars competitor Justina Valentine offered emojis representing praying hands.

“I like the blanket,” Nelson’s Ride or Dies castmate Moriah Jadea commented.

Based on her comment, Moriah sent Nelson the blanket as a gift. As seen in his photo, the blanket features plenty of positive words and phrases offering love, support, and encouragement as he continues on his road to recovery.

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