The Challenge’s Nelson Thomas shares recovery update, has GoFundMe for medical expenses

nelson thomas from the challenge ride or dies
Nelson Thomas during MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies season. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge star Nelson Thomas was in a terrifying accident over a week ago after his car crashed in Austin, Texas, and caught on fire.

With Nelson trapped inside the car, he was thankfully rescued by NFL player KJ Osborn, his Uber driver, and two of Osborn’s friends traveling with them as they spotted the burning vehicle while on the road.

Earlier this week, Nelson revealed he was hospitalized with multiple injuries following a bad crash, which was reported a week before. However, reports previously hadn’t identified the man involved in the crash.

Nelson’s accident update led to fans, friends, and castmates showing their support, as well as one castmate blasting the NFL player for recording the burning car while Nelson was inside.

However, Nelson extended his gratitude to Osborn and the others for helping to save his life. He also mentioned that he has a “long road to recovery” from his injuries.

On Wednesday evening, he shared an update video from his road to recovery as he attempts to walk despite his injured leg from the crash.

The Challenge’s Nelson Thomas shares a video update from the hospital

Taking to his Instagram, Nelson uploaded a video of himself in the hospital with medical staff around him as he attempted to walk using a walker.

His right leg is in a cast or boot and elevated off the ground as he hobbled using the walker and his other leg to move around. The medical staff explained that they want him to stay in the room and not walk out in the hall or too far as part of the doctor’s orders.

Nelson told them that he walked the hallway and back the first time he did physical therapy. However, the nurse said, “they put an order in” to limit how far he goes because the key is to get the swelling down and keep his injured leg elevated.

“Yeah, I can feel the blood rushing,” Nelson responded as he continued to walk a short distance in the hospital room.

After Nelson got to the door, he turned around from his walk. As he headed back to his hospital bed, he mentioned wanting to return home but is still smiling. From there, graphic footage showed his leg with burns and deep cuts near his ankle before the video ended.

Nelson has a GoFund Me to help with medical expenses 

In his Instagram video post caption, Nelson thanks the “Bell family” for setting up a GoFundMe to assist with medical costs. He expressed his thanks to the family and then talked about his recovery.

“I’ve been in the hospital 10 days so far. Hoping to get out soon. My recovery will be my biggest test yet. Thank everyone for the overwhelming support and concern. I’m so grateful for my friends and family,” Nelson wrote in part of the caption.

“If you feel compelled to help beyond prayer and love, Follow the link in my bio to learn more about my journey. Any and all funds will exclusively contribute to my medical expenses,” he wrote, adding a hashtag that says “#nohealthinsurance.”

The GoFundMe, which Joel Bell created, mentioned that Nelson “saw his life flash before his eyes” during a “terrible car accident.” While the full extent of Nelson’s injuries wasn’t revealed, it is shared that he needed “multiple surgeries.”

“This accident has left him pretty beat up along with a totaled vehicle. He has already had multiple surgeries, including a reconstructive surgery on his leg where he now has plates and screws,” the GoFundMe description says.

It stated that those who want to help can first and foremost use prayer, as Nelson “feels so blessed to be alive as his faith in Christ is so important to him.”

“Second, if you would like to help in supporting financially, this will go toward medical bills and any other necessities to aid in his recovery. This is going to be a long road to recovery, but his spirits are high. Thank you all for your love and kindness,” the description says.

As of this writing, the GoFundMe has raised $25,000 for Nelson’s medical expenses from 327 individuals who donated. According to the page, there is a goal of $200,000.

Nelson has appeared in multiple seasons of MTV’s The Challenge and more recently on the spinoff show, The Challenge: World Championship on Paramount Plus.

The Challenge: World Championship has new episodes every Wednesday on Paramount Plus.

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