The Challenge: World Championship Episode 3 recap: Jonna Mannion questions friendship as elimination decision looms

jonna mannion from the challenge world championship
Jonna Mannion faced a tough decision in The Challenge: World Championship Episode 3. Pic credit: @TheChallenge/YouTube

As Episode 3 of The Challenge: World Championship arrived, elimination decisions loomed for daily challenge winners Jonna Mannion and Grant Crapp.

The two teams for consideration were Jonna’s friend KellyAnne Judd with Tristan Phipps and Jodi Weatherton with Benja Alfonso. The team chosen would face Nelson Thomas and Jujuy Jimenez.

Jonna talked with Wes Bergmann about how emotional KellyAnne was about the elimination decision. Wes reminded Jonna that KellyAnne is loyal, and he felt the right move was to put Jodi in.

KellyAnne was upset about Jonna’s inability not just to say she would save her. Tristan tried to calm her down, reminding her nothing was decided yet. Tristan said in confessional he’d been hoping KellyAnne would be the calm one in their partnership.

Grant said in confessional that he thought Jonna should kick KellyAnne to the curb. However, he said he would trust Jonna since she’s been in the game much longer than him.

Emily Seebohn talked about going on The Challenge: Australia and meeting castmate Ryan Gallagher. After leaving the show, they took a trip together and then moved in together. She said they are “in love” now.

The Challenge stars talk about friendships and strategies

Nelson and Jujuy spoke about winning the World Championship. Nelson wanted to take his mom on a trip around the world, and his last stop would be Argentina to visit Jujuy.

Tori Deal talked to USA’s Danny McCray and Ben Driebergen about how messy the game was early on because they had to send a Legends player into elimination with whom they shared many Challenge seasons.

A scene had Ben cleaning up after his messy castmates. He said he learned a trick on The Challenge: USA just to hide his clean dishes so he’d have them around to use. KellyAnne had a private convo with Ben about how she felt about Jonna’s friendship.

Kaz Crossley talked to Rodrigo Cascon outside with her ex Theo Campbell also nearby at the pool. They talked about how it had been two years since they split up, and they’d both grown up a lot.

Tori and Jordan Wiseley had a bit of fun poolside as well. Jordan said he knows they’ll always ride together. Danny noticed that people were too worried about friendships.

Benja talked with Johnny Bananas poolside about how to play the game. Jonna and KellyAnne had a private chat. Jonna apologized to KellyAnne and told her she realized having her as an ally in the game will help.

Danny and Sarah Lacina spoke about how the Legends were operating and how they needed to proceed in the game. Nelson met with Jonna about him signaling to her once he saw the elimination set up so she could send in the guy he wanted to go against, Tristan or Benja.

First World Championship partners’ elimination arrives at The Arena

Host TJ Lavin appeared on The Arena’s ground level and congratulated Jonna and UK’s Grant Crapp. He called Nelson and Jujuy in for the elimination, then asked the winning team who would face them.

Nelson put his braids up to signal to Jonna that he wanted to go against Tristan in the elimination.

Grant announced that they were putting KellyAnne and Tristan in. KellyAnne was shocked by the decision and noticed Jonna smirking in the stands.

TJ revealed that the game was Tether Brawl. It involved a teammate harnessed into a sling and their teammate swinging them to grab building blocks in the middle of the Arena. They had to grab eight blocks to throw into their section.

The teammate on the ground then had to build a tower that was eight blocks high. The first team to do it would win and stay in the game.

From the start, castmates tried to yell helpful advice to Nelson, but he wasn’t getting it. Tristan and KellyAnne grabbed four of their eight pieces.

Nelson struggled to figure out how to swing Jujuy to grab the blocks. He couldn’t get the momentum of her swing right, and she wasn’t getting any blocks.

the challenge world championship elimination for episode 3
Elimination in The Challenge: World Championship Episode 3. Pic credit: Paramount+

KellyAnne and Tristan got all eight pieces and started building their tower. Tristan stacked it up fast, and TJ blew the horn. Nelson and Jujuy ended up with just one block, and it was due to KellyAnne dropping it from the air accidentally and Nelson retrieving it.

After the win, KellyAnne said that she hoped Jonna would keep her energy away from her after what she did. Jujuy was in tears with Nelson after losing. Nelson said you never know what to expect from The Challenge.

The cast returned to the house with congratulatory hugs for the winning team. Jonna went upstairs quickly. Amber Borzotra realized that Jonna might betray her too.

Grant congratulated Tristan and KellyAnne in another room, but KellyAnne reminded him she was a Legend, and that’s why she performed well.

KellyAnne was irate toward Jonna, feeling she lied to her, and went to confront her. She said, “enough,” and Jonna said she was waiting for this to happen as KellyAnne exploded a bit.

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