Justina Valentine takes her workout serious to show fans how to get the ‘perfect peach’

Justina Valentine close up
Justina Valentine stuns in her workout gear to show fans how she keeps her famous figure. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Justina Valentine is uber-talented and not just as the biggest diss queen on Wild ‘N Out.

The New Jersey native can act, rap, and tear an ego to shreds in an improvised back-and-forth onstage alongside host Nick Cannon and the rest of the MTV crew.

It turns out that Justina is also very knowledgeable about keeping fit, and she’s not afraid to share her gym secrets with her fans.

Taking to social media this weekend to promote her single Neva, the 35-year-old entertainer also shared her secrets to “a perfect peach.” It turns out that Justina uses a specific set of exercises to keep her backside looking perfectly plump.

In the short video, while donning full-black spandex workout gear, Justina did leg lifts with resistance and squats while adding weight with a kettlebell, dropping even lower than normal as she was lifted on a pair of free weights.

In the caption, she wrote, “Stream ‘NEVA’ for a perkier peach,” followed by a peach emoji and a flexed bicep emoji.

Justina Valentine rings in the new year with a scorching hot 2023 calendar

It seems Justina Valentine has the perfect motivation for making sure her peach stays in tip-top shape.

In addition to all her on-screen talent as she acts and raps her way into our hearts, she also put together a gorgeous 2023 calendar featuring some of the hottest photos of the fiery redhead from the past year.

Some of the snaps are way too risque to even share here but the one above, which we’re assuming will be featured during the holidays, has Justina looking amazing in fur-trimmed red plaid and then barely covered up with a red satin robe.

Another snap Justina shared in an effort to promote her calendar shows the MTV star looking absolutely incredible in a metallic pink one-piece that is only partially zipped up in the front.

In the memorable photo, she wore several gold and silver chains, with one of the largest holding a big name charm that reads “Valentine” on it. She kept her hair that fiery shade of red that the Wild ‘N Out star is best known for and wore her makeup bold and glam.

Justina Valentine said goodbye to 2022 with an incredible ‘Rap Up’ of all the tea from the past year

Justina Valentine proved her prowess on the mic when she went hard for more than five minutes as she shared a 2022 “Rap Up” that left no celebrity tea out of the mix.

It was seriously impressive the way the red-haired vixen managed to put all the drama of the year into one big rap video.

She didn’t miss anything, reminding us about Nick Cannon’s multiple baby announcements, Kanye West’s antisemitism, Brittney Griner’s arrest, Bob Saget’s death, and much, much more.

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