The Challenge spoilers: Season 37 format including potential teams revealed

the challenge season 36 cast in episode 1
Many cast members from Season 36 will return for The Challenge Season 37. Pic credit: MTV

Over the past several weeks, The Challenge spoilers for Season 37 have given eager fans a look at who they might expect as cast members for MTV’s reality competition series.

Now, new spoilers could reveal the possible format for the new season, including how teams will work for the show. As a quick hint, it will be somewhat similar to Double Agents.

It also may remind fans of a few other seasons, so read on for the latest details on The Challenge Season 37, including a look at how cast members might be teamed up.

The Challenge Season 37 cast features US and international reality TV stars

Many of the cast members who appeared on the Double Agents season are returning for the currently untitled Season 37 that has resumed filming in Croatia. That includes one of the Season 36 winners, Chris “CT” Tamburello, and four other Double Agents stars who reached the final. They include Cory Wharton, Nany Gonzalez, Fessy Shafaat, and Kaycee Clark.

Based on a Vevmo forum thread, Double Agents cast members Nelson Thomas, Devin Walker, Aneesa Ferreira, Josh Martinez, Ashley Mitchell, and Tori Deal are also on Season 37. The UK’s Tula “Big T” Fazakerley and Kyle Christie will also be back for the new season.

One cast member returning from past seasons of The Challenge is Amanda Garcia, who was not part of Double Agents. She last appeared on the War of the Worlds season in 2019 and partnered with Josh in his Challenge debut.

Double Agents star Nam Vo is the only rookie from Double Agents who will appear on the new season. Viewers saw his rookie season cut short due to that unfortunate injury late in the season.

Speaking of rookies, there will be a lot of them joining the Season 37 cast. The majority won’t come from MTV shows, a recurring theme in recent seasons of The Challenge. Instead, they’ll have appeared on some other US or international reality shows, including versions of Survivor, Big Brother, and The Circle.

Rookies will include Survivor US stars Michele Fitzgerald and Michaela Bradshaw. Survivor Spain’s Logan Sampredo and Survivor Romania’s Emanuel Neagu are also on the cast. Love Island US 2’s Lauren Coogan and The Circle’s Ed Eason are rumored rookie cast members.

In addition, there is Gabo Szabo from Warsaw Shore, Big Brother UK’s Hughie Maughan, and Too Hot to Handle’s Kelz Dyke. Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch star Renan Hellemans is also listed for rookie competitors.

How will the Season 37 team format work?

MTV may be bringing a War of the Worlds 3 season for The Challenge. However, unlike War of the Worlds 2, which featured Team USA vs. Team UK, the Season 37 format looks like it will be male-female pairs similar to Double Agents.

One-half of each team will be an American competitor, while the other half will be an international competitor. That makes it appear as if production is looking to crown some winners from other parts of the globe when TJ Lavin’s final arrives on Season 37. The Double Agents final consisted of all American competitors from US reality TV shows.

The Vevmo forum thread had a listing of paired-up teams shown for the upcoming season, which suggested the above format. Below is a list of some of the teams. Below is a rumored list of some of the teams before production shut down filming and quarantined the cast due to one cast member testing positive for COVID-19.

  • Nany Gonzalez & Gabo Szabó (Warsaw Shore)
  • Michele Fitzgerald (Survivor) & Nam Vo
  • Kaycee Clark & Emanuel Neagu (Survivor Romania)
  • Tori Deal & Kelz Dyke (Too Hot to Handle Netflix)
  • Michaela Bradshaw (Survivor) & Renan Hellemans (Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch)
  • Ashley Mitchell & Hughie Maughan (Big Brother UK)
  • Amanda Garcia & Kyle Christie
  • Aneesa Ferreira & Logan Sampedro (Survivor Spain)

Now that filming has resumed, there have been some eliminations, but it’s also possible that the teams changed for which competitors are paired together. Not all of the competitors are shown above, so there are probably other teams yet to be revealed.

We already know one cast member went home before the first quarantine but then made a surprise return to the cast after the second quarantine. Remember, everything is subject to change as The Challenge Season 37 continues to film in Croatia.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA on MTV for 2021.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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