The Challenge spoilers: Johnny Bananas shares rumor about why All Stars 3 cast member dislikes him

johnny bananas in the challenge war of the worlds 2 season
Johnny Bananas during The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 season. Pic credit: Paramount+

It may be hard to believe, but not everyone is a fan of The Challenge star Johnny Bananas, a guy who has won the most seasons of any cast member.

The seven-time champion recently shared a rumor he’d heard about a surprising All Stars 3 cast member who told a castmate he dislikes Bananas, although they never did a season of the show together.

This report will contain spoilers for The Challenge: All Stars 3 season, including names of several cast members for the third season of the spinoff expected in 2022.

Bananas tells Darrell that Challenge OG dislikes him

While away from MTV’s The Challenge, Johnny Bananas still covers the show, as he’s hosting a weekly podcast called Death, Taxes, and Bananas to discuss both the MTV show and Paramount Plus spinoff.

He recently brought on Darrell Taylor as a guest to talk about The Challenge: All Stars 2 season, which premiered several weeks ago on Paramount Plus.

Early in their chat for the podcast episode, they spoke about Darrell coming close to winning the first season of All Stars. However, he lost to Yes Duffy, who Bananas said he heard doesn’t like his podcast.

“Going into your first season of All Stars and not being able to take home that W, what was that like?” Bananas asked Darrell. “Because I mean you showed up to the top of the mountain, you see Yes standing there. Probably not someone that you were that thrilled getting beat by. I heard actually he’s a huge fan of the podcast. Actually, I heard he’s not. I heard he actually hates what I do on here.”

Yes and Bananas never appeared on a season of The Challenge together. Yes’ three seasons of the show included the Challenge 2000, which he won, followed by Battle of the Seasons in 2002 and Battle of the Sexes in 2003.

Bananas didn’t arrive on MTV until The Real World: Key West season in 2006, then went on to join The Challenge several years after Yes’ final season.

Bananas shares rumor he heard from All Stars 3

During his podcast, Johnny Bananas brought up how Yes is someone that’s shown to be a positive and nice guy all the time when he’s on All Stars. However, Bananas suggested he doesn’t buy it.

“I like to be a little controversial here and there, and I think that then there’s guys like him that are just like so positive- like obnoxiously positive about everything. And I’m like, ‘Nobody’s this nice all the time,'” Bananas said about Yes on the podcast.

“Was it hard walking up to the top of the mountain and seeing a guy like him standing there?” Johnny Bananas asked Darrell.

Darrell confirmed that Yes is, in fact, a “nice dude,” and he wasn’t sure why Bananas thinks he dislikes him or the podcast. Darrell said he never heard him say anything bad about Bananas or the podcast.

From there, Bananas explained something he’d heard about Yes, who appeared amongst the cast for All Stars 3, which just filmed in Panama.

“Rumor has it, on All Stars 3, here’s a little spoiler, he told Wes [Bergmann] the reason that he hates Wes and doesn’t like me is because of mine and Wes’s conversation on the podcast,” Bananas shared.

It’s unclear what that specific conversation is between Wes and Bananas. Wes appeared on the August 26 episode of Bananas’ podcast for an hour and 26 minutes discussing various topics related to the MTV season of the show. The duo criticized competitors’ strategies in Season 37 and talked about several showmances during their chat.

Initially, rumors suggested Johnny Bananas would be part of The Challenge: All Stars 3 cast with Wes and Yes. However, the online rumors later suggested Bananas dropped out just before the season was ready to film.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus. The Challenge: All Stars 3 premiere episode is TBA.

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